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11 TikToks you will sacrifice sleep for from the Australian GP

It was gripping and it was chaotic. These are the TikToks you should watch from an absorbing Australian Grand Prix weekend.

Australian GP

If ever you've thought the Australian Grand Prix has a tendency towards the… static, Sunday's race in Albert Park firmly dispelled the notion. Wild and crazy doesn't really do it justice.

Safety Cars, Virtual Safety Cars, crashes, collisions and more stoppages than you can wave a big, red flag at made it one of the most memorable Aussie races in years – but for us, the bottom line is our best result of the season, and a third consecutive podium for Fernando. But there's more to F1 than trophies alone…

1 | 'I See Colors'

Did you spot Fernando rocking a bucket hat like it's 1989? 'I See Colors' by DJ Disco Lines and EDM collective Rain Radio Lines received its world exclusive debut back in February at the AMR23 launch, and had an official release in the run up to the Australian Grand Prix.

It got some heavy rotation in the garage over the weekend. Definitely not the thing for a relaxed Sunday lie-in but just the thing to have you up and alert, ready for the pitlane to open.

2 | A V6 dancefloor heater

While Fernando and the crew were enjoying a bit of EDM in the garage, the real deal was going on in the club at the weekend – and we're particularly pleased to see Rain Radio's choice of green to light up the dancefloor.

3 | Mike on…

Ever wonder what an F1 team principal is really thinking? With Mike Krack, you don't have to. Mike's taken to releasing his inner musings before every race directly to the inboxes of I / AM members.

This week's instalment had Mike discussing the update path for the first half of the season, reflections on a rocket start, and the nice problem of having to keep feet firmly on the ground. It's proving very popular, and if you're signed up to I / AM keep a close eye on your inbox ahead of Azerbaijan Grand Prix…

4 | Plane sailing

It'd take a heart of stone to deny fans a souvenir, but an entire front wing mainplane is a little ambitious. The counter-argument is that there was plenty of debris lying around. Albert Park always puts on the biggest racing programme of the season, and if you take that, mix in a little rain, and some really big walls, well… the results are evident.

5 | The view from the garage

Do you like your TikTok full-on gonzo or carefully curated? It's not an either/or, you can have both, and we had a lovely example of the latter from @f1.woody ft Nancy Sinatra this weekend as content creator Woody prowled the paddock and AMF1 garage as our guest.

6 | The early start

@f1Antonia is channelling the experience of a great many fans into seven seconds of TikTok – but perhaps the 06:00 wake-up call is leaving things a little late? The formation lap is starting, which leaves you only three minutes to make tea, grab breakfast and get comfy before lights out. 05:57 is surely optimal?

But spare a thought for everyone working at the factory, supporting the trackside effort. They've been at their desks since 02:00 – if they went home at all.

7 | Wave

The drivers' parade at Albert Park Circuit did not disappoint as the Aussie fleet of automotive exotica, resplendent in concours conditions roared past, but what really set it apart for @f1teegz was a wave from Lance as he completed his first recon lap of the day.

8 | Steady hand on the wheel

@donzacchef1 spotted Fernando escorting his tyre stack down the pitlane during one of Albert Park's red flag periods. Usually a job for a tyre technician, an extra pair of hands is not unwelcome. Starting a race from the grid is busy, doing it from the fast lane is barely organised chaos, especially somewhere as tight as Albert Park.

With cars being shuffled around, trolleys and starter karts everywhere, and probably 800 people crammed into the 281m pit-lane, a little bit of help goes a long way. Although we did like Thomas van Zon's comment – yes, Fernando's doing side quests.

9 | D'oh!

For anyone wanting an easy life, Albert Park is not a circuit where you would choose to restart a Grand Prix for a two-lap sprint. The 261m run from pole to the first corner is one of the shortest in F1, the cars can never be in-line by that point, and there's always an incident – that's even more likely in a race that's only going to last 10.556km.

With Fernando getting tagged and spinning at T1 and Lance going long into T3, things weren't looking good – but we got a reprieve with the crashes elsewhere demanding the red flag fly again.

10 | Let him cook

Fernando just wants to do his Fernando thing – though in this instance we're not sure if that's making gravy or recycling gearbox oil. Always one to give 100 per cent, he has taken the time to put on a very natty apron, but he could never be a chef. He'd spend all day meticulously measuring ingredients, by which point everyone would have disappeared off to Hungry Jacks.

11 | Crew surfing

A nice finish to the weekend from Rain Radio with Fernando showing no signs of slowing down as he vaults the parc fermΓ© barrier. Balletic elegance from the AMF1 team to catch Fernando – though we're getting quite a bit of practice this season…

Next up is the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on 28-30 April; followΒ @AstonMartinF1Β and co-create our story by sharing your videos on TikTok throughout the season as we continue our journey.


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