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Once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Your chance to enter the Aston Martin F1 universe. Unlock access to memorable fan experiences.


Exclusive content

Go behind the scenes throughout the season to discover how the team works from the inside. Make your mark on the team, have your say and drive the content you see.


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Your opportunity to win unmissable experiences, prizes and birthday rewards. Get your hands on an exclusive range of special edition products and collaborations, available only to members.

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Our commitment

Fans are the lifeblood of our sport and we’re committed to placing you at the heart of everything we do. Together we will drive the sport forwards and take each and every one of you on the journey.

I / AM is our official, free-to-join membership programme - but it's also so much more. This is a platform for fans to share their voice. Join us to discover I / AM benefits and once-in-a-lifetime experiences as We Climb Together.

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Get behind the scenes with #IAMTRACKSIDE exclusive content direct to your inbox. From exclusive insights into team performance to comments from the drivers and unseen photography from race weekends, get it all delivered directly to your inbox.

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Events and experiences

As we continue on our journey, we're committed to placing you at the heart of everything we do. Join I / AM to unlock access to memorable fan experiences throughout the year. Whether that's joining our drivers on a video call this season or asking your question to the drivers at car launch. Without you there is no us. Join us.

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I / AM is a global and diverse network of people, brought together by shared passions and the desire to do things differently. Together I / AM members will truly leave a mark on our team, our sport and beyond. If you believe in what we stand for, join us as We Climb Together.

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I / AM members unlock access to an exclusive range of special edition products, collaborations and member only discounts. Sign up to be in with the chance of getting early member-only access to our next collection.

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