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9 TikToks you will sacrifice sleep for from the Miami GP

Another grand prix, another podium, but Miami isn't just another day in the office. In every conceivable sense it's a race apart – as unique as our collection of must-watch TikToks from a memorable week in Magic City.

Miami GP

The Miami Grand Prix has star quality. It has set itself up to be the Grand Prix at which to be seen, and we made sure fans were in the spotlight with I / AM A FAN – celebrating their unique fandom and taking F1 out onto the streets of Miami in the build-up to the Grand Prix to bring them closer to the sport.

Eventually a race did break out, however, and Lance had an exciting time of it, making up six places as he charged through the field to rise from 18th on the grid to 12th at the flag, while Fernando was his usual immaculate self, bringing home another P3 finish. It still feels far from repetitive – because a trophy from Miami is as unique as the selection of TikToks which marked a memorable weekend in Magic City.

1 | Informed... but very sweaty

As we headed out onto the streets of the 305 to celebrate F1 fandom, bringing fans together and closer to the sport, we had content creator @.jackcook along for the ride. Literally, for our first event of Thursday, which was a Citi Bike ride around Wynwood for I / AM members to take in some of the street art. After lunch, it was AMF1 Team driver squad members Fernando, Felipe and Pedro playing the driver sport du jour, padel, and spending time with fans.

2 | What’s in store?

A stone's throw away from the padel court, in the Wynwood district famed for its street murals, can be found the Kimoa Store. Throughout the week of the Miami Grand Prix, it was home to the AMF1 Team pop-up store complete with all the most stylish teamwear and F1 simulators.

3 | In the zone

How far would you go to get into your comfort zone to watch a Grand Prix? The AMF1 Team x Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% care package pushed the Miami theme to extremes, with teamwear, shades, posters and, of course, a can cooler sleeve to keep the Italian tipple nicely chilled: essential in the merciless sunshine of Florida – a little more optional at home in front of the TV.

4 | Ocean... drive?

Unless he had a very thick wetsuit, it's difficult to imagine Lance picking up his wakeboarding skills on the Lachine Rapids in the St Lawrence, which begs the question, where did learn to do this and, more to the point, when? It'd be nice to imagine a misspent youth before F1, but wasn’t he a bit busy winning Italian F4 and the FIA European F3 Championship?

5 | Green 18, hut, hut, hut!

Thursday at any F1 track is traditionally media day, with the drivers taking part in all sorts of activities to promote the upcoming Grand Prix. Inevitably at the home of the Miami Dolphins, part of that was framed around American football and responses from the drivers ranged from enthusiasm to downright bafflement.

Lance did at least know one end of an American football from the other, though he was rather more in his element taking Miami Dolphins defensive end Christian Wilkins for a hot lap of the track in the mighty Aston Martin DBX707.

6 | Take a bow

In Miami, F1 revisited an idea first trialled in 2017: the drivers being ceremonially introduced to the crowd in the grandstands. There were tweaks – principally, ring announcer Michael Buffer being replaced with LL Cool J and a truly magnificent orchestra – but the cheerleaders remained. The response from the drivers was… mixed. Fernando was less than enthusiastic about the idea of having his pre-race preparation disturbed but, being the consummate pro, he delivered what the run plan demanded.

7 | The revolution will be televised

Post-race, Fernando admitted that his race had been 'a little bit lonely', sitting in no-man's land with gaps in front and behind. So, like anyone would, he passed the time by watching a little bit of TV. The proliferation of Jumbotrons at Miami International Autodrome afforded the drivers the opportunity to keep track of events beyond their own race, with Fernando explaining he tended to glance at the world feed when coming out of the slower corners. Although, as one commentator noted, appraising Lance's overtaking technique from the other cockpit is just showing off…

8 | Is it a tree?

@f1.ellie noticed Fernando lurking in the background of a Max Verstappen interview, doing what all racing drivers do when forced to wait in a queue: getting distracted, wandering off and doing something else. The Miami Grand Prix has been accused of being a little bit plastic – from the fake Marina to the fanfare announcing the drivers on the grid – but does that extend to the tree blossom filling the interview pen? Only Fernando knows for sure. 

9 | Guess who's back?

After three podiums from the first three rounds, we missed out in Baku – by 0.8s – but bounced back in Miami with Fernando's fourth podium in five races. The race was expected to be chaotic, but instead, we had the most well-behaved Grand Prix in modern memory, with not a single waved yellow flag. Post-race, Fernando expressed a desire to see the view from a higher step on the podium – but coming home with another trophy delighted the whole team.

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