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ebb3 are experts in GPU enabled workspace/VDI services. Our solutions are at the forefront of innovation and we help businesses to free their teams and redefine the concept of the digital workspace.

Our complete virtual workspace is accessible from any location, via any device and this allows teams to work smarter by being more mobile, more flexible and more productive.

ebb3 design, build and manage GPU enabled platforms which transforms the way businesses work by giving them a secure, centralised computing experience that increases productivity, improves collaboration and provides the ultimate user experience.

Through Workspace Virtualisation, ebb3 fully aggregates all desktop applications and data across all systems – both on-premises and cloud, delivering the optimal experience to the right user at the right time.

Using technologies such as Cisco's HyperFlex Infrastructure we deliver data-intensive and high-performance applications safely and securely to meet the demands of any workflow whether it's 3D CAD, machine learning, photorealistic rendering, HPC or VR.

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