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12 TikToks you will sacrifice sleep for from the Las Vegas GP

Brash, busy, controversial and captivating, the Las Vegas Grand Prix had it all. Thanks to TikTok, what happened in Vegas is right here.

Las Vegas GP

On a very different track to the one raced last time out in Brazil, we consolidated a return to form with another double points finish that included a stunning drive from the back of the grid to P5 for Lance, and a great recovery for Fernando – who found himself last and facing backwards shortly after the start.

The race, like the rest of the weekend, was dominated by the demands of managing tyres under difficult circumstances: a cold track, graining and high degradation – with a couple of Safety Cars thrown in to mix things up.

TikTok has its own, creative, and brilliant, take on things in Sin City – and beyond, with Girls Across The Grid visiting our Campus for a truly special weekend.

1 | Start me up

The Las Vegas Strip Circuit is F1's 79th track and 12th in the USA. It's both different and very familiar.

The race had more hype, more entertainment, more of everything – and we had The Rolling Stones' inimitable logo gracing our AMR23s – but at its heart it was just another race weekend with all that entails.

The city itself was a far cry from the calm of our garage.

2 & 3 | The show

The race-show balance to an F1 weekend changes from race to race and Las Vegas put on the show of all shows.

On Wednesday, the crowds arrived in numbers for a grandiose introduction, with live music – Andra Day, Bishop Briggs, J Balvin, Journey, Keith Urban, Steve Aoki, Thirty Seconds to Mars, will.i.am, Tiesto, Kylie Minogue and John Legend – performances by the Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil, and the drivers introduced to the crowd, elevated into view on hydraulic risers from inside boxes on the grid, like early Christmas presents.

It was memorable, to say the least.

4 | Easy being green

Las Vegas has built strong links with the performance car world across the last couple of decades, and the Grand Prix saw motorsport and the automotive industries crossover.

Celebrated supercar blogger Shmee150 was on hand with a Kermit-Green DBX707 – the most powerful SUV in the world.

Just the thing for a trip out to Red Rock Canyon or the Hoover Dam.

5 | Midnight club

Second practice in Las Vegas has to be one of the most memorable practice sessions ever.

Free Practice One was halted after a couple of minutes for a loose water valve, delaying the following session.

Instead of the outlandish start time of midnight, we finally got going at 02:30. The session was extended until 04:00, and curfew move back to 07:00.

With lots of the crew struggling to get to sleep, courtesy of the eight-hour time change, it made for a very long day – but the sight of F1 cars barrelling down the Las Vegas Strip at 03:00 in front of deserted grandstands was surreal. Fortunately, we had @F1Toni on hand to document that it really did happen.

6 | Sphere we are

The Sphere dominates the already saturated and stunning cityscape of Las Vegas.

The vast globe, where U2 are currently in residency, simply draws the eye – perhaps more so with the Las Vegas Strip Circuit running around it, and the 268 million pixel canvas of the ExoSphere forming a node at the top end of the track. Aston Martin lit up the Sphere at the weekend, showing off the DBX707, AMR23, and DB12. By all accounts it can be seen from space – but probably not as well as it can be from the paddock.

It's mesmeric.

7 & 8 | Fast hands

Pitstops don't just happen.

There's many training cycles to build muscle memory, but also exercise routines in the garage or pitlane to get everyone loose, focused and ready to perform.

With everyone on the ragged edge this weekend, the routines were more important than ever – and the results stand up well.

9 & 10 | The Joker

The Las Vegas weekend was a special event. Fernando embraced the Sin City vibe with a one-off playing card helmet. Look very closely and you'll see his face on the Jokers.

Fernando the Joker takes a bit of getting used to – but he looked like his normal Samurai self, screaming down the Strip at 340 km/h.

11 & 12 | A weekend to remember

While the trackside team was busy at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, part of the race team is operating from the AMR Technology Campus in Silverstone, carrying out simulation and analysis, monitoring real-time telemetry and offering advice to the trackside engineers.

It's a seamless operation, which is even more impressive when the person you're talking to is not in the next room but 5,200 miles away.

To witness the magic going on back at the AMR Technology Campus, we had a brilliant visit from Girls Across the Grid, who went behind the scenes on Campus.

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