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7 TikToks you will sacrifice sleep for from the Japanese GP

Bee hotels, AMF1 Team trainers and Fernando brushing up on some Roman history. Here are some TikToks that you don't want to miss.

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Suzuka is a circuit adored by drivers and fans alike. It's one of the toughest racetracks in the world and the unique figure-of-eight layout has seen some of the greatest battles in Formula One history. It is a circuit that rewards bravery.

Inspired by Fernando's affinity with the samurai culture, we have embraced the spirit of these ancient feudal warriors on our journey, and at Japanese Grand Prix we celebrated the spirit of the samurai.

Fernando returned to the points at the weekend and there were a host of brilliant TikToks from fans helping to tell story of the Japanese Grand Prix, from slick edits to custom trainers, bee hotels and a bit of Roman history revision.

Keep scrolling to watch some of our favourite TikToks from the Japanese Grand Prix.

1 | Formula One is...

Green, of course.

This beautiful edit from our very own TikTok channel features some brilliant shots of our team, including Fernando and our mechanics as they get ready to take on the Japanese Grand Prix.

2 | Shoe time

There's something so satisfying about seeing the brushwork behind the transformation of these white trainers.

It's almost hypnotic watching @___criatura___ paints a pair of trainers in AMF1 Team colours, with one shoe adorned with Lance's driver number and the other with Fernando's.

3 | Your guide to Suzuka

Magnificent circuit. Magnificent fans. There's nothing like Suzuka and this TikTok by @Formulabone proves why, as they provide us with a unique track guide to the most unique of F1 circuits.

Furthermore, their T-shirt caught our eye.

4 | Life is a coaster

Now here's a coaster worth resting your drink on.

@cathbruce has a very familiar image awaiting them every time they take a sip.

5 | DB5

Sixty years of an icon on the 110th anniversary of Aston Martin.

The DB5, immortalised by the James Bond movies, celebrated a milestone last week and @AstonMartin marked this milestone by bringing the DB5 together with the new DB12.

They also produced this stunning TikTok edit, showcasing one of the world's greatest sports cars.

6 | Bee happy

Former AMF1 Team driver driver Sebastian Vettel turned up at Suzuka to enlist the help of the current grid, including Lance and Fernando, in building 'bee hotels' around the circuit.

Turn Two at Suzuka was also renamed 'Buzzin' Corner', with the kerbs painted yellow and black.

7 | Empire state of mind

Fernando loves a TikTok trend, as demonstrated by his latest post that proves his penchant for Roman history...

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