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Aston Martin illuminates the Sphere ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Aston Martin engages fans and enthusiasts in Las Vegas with a stunning Sphere spectacle and a new, immersive, configurator environment.

Aston Martin

Visible from space, the Sphere is the largest spherical building in the world. It lights up the night sky in the city that never sleeps with 580,000 square feet of LED lights that span an exterior measuring 111 metres high and 157 metres wide. For Aston Martin, ahead of the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix, the Sphere is an opportunity.

In the build-up to the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Aston Martin is using this unmissable canvas to celebrate the intensity of the British ultra-luxury performance brand.

The engaging 90-second sequence on the Sphere, which is nestled within the Las Vegas Street Circuit, begins with a shot of Aston Martin's iconic wings. The sequence then introduces the Scarab Beetle, the inspiration from which the wings were born in the 1930s.

The Scarab Beetle then 'shatters' the Sphere to reveal the AMR23 Formula One car, which completes a thrilling burnout, filling the surface with a layer of swirling smoke from its tyres that clears to reveal the DBX707 – the world's most powerful luxury SUV – and the DB12 – the world's first super tourer – in what is considered the largest-ever digital display of a car.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will also see the DBX707 and Vantage F1 Edition take to the track for 45 hot laps, thrilling more than 100 loyal Aston Martin enthusiasts on each day of the event.

Those wishing to escape the city will be taken on an exclusive off-road adventure in the Nevada desert, beginning with a helicopter journey that takes guests towards Fire State Park – where they'll unleash the DBX707 on a stunning off-road route.

Aston Martin is also bringing Las Vegas to the screens of enthusiasts, fans, and customers through a new Las Vegas environment on its award-winning online configurator.

For the first time, a Formula One circuit will be featured in an automotive configurator. This new experience takes users to the heart of the Las Vegas Street Circuit, where it's possible to use a host of options to create a unique Aston Martin at Turn Four of Formula One's newest venue, alongside the official F1 medical car, DBX707, and the official F1 Safety Car, Vantage, in the shadow of the Sphere.



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