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The Best Water Technology Group (BWT) is Europe's leading water technology company. BWT's 3,800 employees aim to supply private, industrial, business, hotel and public sector customers with innovative, economical and ecological technologies that guarantee maximum safety, hygiene and health in the daily use of water.

BWT provides state-of-the-art water treatment technologies and services for drinking water, pharmaceutical water, process water, heating water, boiler water, cooling water, water for air- conditioning systems and water for swimming pools. Our Research & Development teams use the latest methods developed to work on new processes and materials to create products that are both ecological and economical.

A key development issue is a reduction in the products' consumption of operating resources and energy to minimise CO2 emissions.

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Making a difference

Aston Martin teams up with BWT for b.waterMISSION

2.2 billion people worldwide do not have regular access to clean water and Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team is supporting the BWT b.waterMISSION project of AQUA Pearls For You and Planet Blue foundation, which is committed to the construction of wells in Gambia and Tanzania.

Every time Sebastian or Lance achieve a top ten finish in a Grand Prix, BWT will build a well to provide local people with drinking water. BWT's goal is to give people in Gambia and Tanzania access to clean drinking water, without the transport and use of disposable bottles, ensuring nobody must walk further than 150 meters to the next well.

Together, we can make a difference and change the world, sip by sip.

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Check back after every Grand Prix to see how the number of top 10 finishes scored by Sebastian and Lance will help provide access to clean drinking water in Gambia and Tanzania through the construction of water wells.

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Sebastian Vettel x BWT

Driving change together

Sebastian Vettel emphasises the importance of water, and why leading by example is so essential when teaching our own children about sustainability. He also talks about what motivates him to work together with BWT to change the world, sip by sip.

2021 Belgian Grand Prix
2021 Belgian Grand Prix