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Global Talent Matching Partner


Circle8 is a leading IT Talent Matching Partner dedicated to driving organisational success through expert talent management. With a focus on a seamless flow of talent, Circle8 elevates clients, professionals, and partners across the IT, technology, and finance industries. The distinguished brands within Circle8 – Circle8, Seven Stars, FixedToday, Königstein, and Swisslinx – offer comprehensive talent management services, ensuring the placement of top talent, fostering integration, and facilitating continuous development. Operating in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland, Circle8 supports over 12,000 professionals, embodying their philosophy of Total Talent Flow to guarantee sustained growth for all stakeholders.


The partnership between Circle8 and the Aston Martin Aramco exemplifies a perfect synergy of excellence and innovation. Both entities thrive on the principle of continuous improvement and the seamless integration of top talent. Aston Martin Aramco F1 seeks tech and ICT professionals with exceptional knowledge and a team-oriented mindset, mirroring the DNA of Circle8's Total Talent Flow philosophy. By aligning global talent with the high demands of motorsport innovation, Circle8 plays a pivotal role in sustaining Aston Martin's competitive edge. This collaboration enhances teamwork and performance, ensuring that the right talent is in place to drive success on a global scale.

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