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Cognizant Foundation launches first funding initiatives in the UK

The Cognizant Foundation, which exists to inspire, educate and prepare people of all ages to succeed in the workforce of today and tomorrow, has announced three major grants, totalling more than £440,000, for three organisations leading the way for under-served and under-represented groups in the UK.

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After lengthy planning, the Foundation has awarded the funds to Code First Girls, The Prince's Trust and Social Mobility Foundation.

Through this funding, individuals will have access to mentorship, digital skills training and computer science education, and opportunities to achieve economic and social mobility.

They are the first grants made by the Foundation for UK-based organisations. 

Code First Girls promotes women's participation in the tech sector by offering free and paid training courses for students and working women.

Through its partnership with the Cognizant Foundation, Code First Girls will provide more than 1,600 women with access to online courses, in-depth classes and nanodegrees in high-demand tech fields.

In concert with the Foundation, The Prince's Trust and WYK Digital will deliver three 11-week training programmes for 150 young people aged 18-30 in London, giving them the confidence, knowledge and practical experience to launch a career in digital marketing.

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Cognizant Foundation Awards Grants

These grants mark the foundation's first investments in the UK as part of Cognizant's continued commitment to advance economic mobility and educational opportunity in communities around the world.

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Social Mobility Foundation works with young people from across the UK in the years prior to and during university.

With funding from the Foundation, SMF will scope, develop and pilot targeted support for 50 talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds who aspire to careers in technology. 

"Far too few people have access to the quality education, training and job opportunities required to improve their social mobility in a changing landscape,” said Kristen Titus, executive director of the Cognizant Foundation.

"So we're proud to partner with these three organisations as we expand our grant-making efforts into the UK—together, we will ensure equitable access to tech careers and advance our efforts in new global markets."

Rob Bloom, Chief Marketing Officer, Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team, added: "A tremendous amount of common ground exists between our two organisations, and, as a team, we are committed to developing and growing our role to lead and inspire young people.

"We're already working closely with Cognizant's ESG arm, and with the Cognizant Foundation, and are looking forward to supporting the Foundation in activating and growing awareness around these key partnerships."

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