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9 TikToks you will sacrifice sleep for from the Monaco GP

A podium in the Principality. And the team's best result of the season yet. You've not seen the full story until you've seen our collection of TikToks…

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Monaco is the ultimate challenge for the drivers and the ultimate spectacle for those lucky enough to grace the Principality. It was a gripping Grand Prix, which saw Fernando bring home the team's best result of the season with second place, and many of you took to TikTok to share your fandom and unique perspective on the weekend.

These TikToks go beyond the glitz and glamour and show you more of Monaco. Oil painting, pitstop perfection and parkour await.

1 | Giving it everything

Qualifying had us watching through our fingers and biting our nails because Fernando was flying out there. This clip from F1 shows just how much he was pushing in the quest for pole. In fact, Fernando had pole right until the last moment.

"Imagine, two months ago that we think about this…" he says over the radio.

Quite right.

2 | Unbridled emotion

This is why we watch F1. And this is why we watch F1 TikToks. Raw, unfiltered, pure emotion from @bydaviiz7 as they watch Fernando go for pole. Headphones warning – when we say emotion, we mean emotion.

3 | Steal this itinerary

Want to know how to make the most out of a trip to Monaco as a fan? This guide is a great place to start. In just under one minute, @f1.anna takes you through some of the essential spots you should hit up on your trip to the Principality. Want more? Our extensive guide with our Global Luxury Luggage Partner Globe-Trotter has even more for you to check out on your next visit. Whether it's on or off the beaten path.

4 | In bloom

So he may not have taken pole but at least Fernando stopped to smell the roses. He even watered them. There's just something about this TikTok that would bring a smile to even the most stony-faced of F1 fans.

5 | Oilonso

It's so satisfying seeing this one come together. This TikTok shows off @julenoroz's incredible talent as they create an oil painting of Fernando on the podium. The level of detail is impressive and the colours are intense. Great work, @julenoroz.

6 | This is how we do it

Another piece of art, just not on the canvas. Watch a practice pitstop unfold in slow motion to see just how quickly our team gets to work when it's time to box. Epic camerawork and handiwork, if we may say so ourselves.

7 | Our drivers with the DB12

Speaking of art, the DB12 was launched on the Thursday ahead of the Grand Prix. The world's first super-tourer was unveiled by Lance and Fernando in a glittering event in the French Riviera and it looks like they brought the car with them for race weekend. An eagle-eyed blogger saw our drivers perched on the bonnet.

8 | A man of many talents

Qualifying heroics, flower-care, our best result of the season and…


Fernando truly is a wonder.

9 | Guess who's back?

It seems he's a bit of a chameleon too. Someone photo-bombed Red Bull’s team photo and we won’t give you any marks for guessing who it was.

Monaco was an intense race that evoked strong emotions – mixed emotions too – as Fernando brought home P2 and Lance ended up retiring early. The on-track action was relentless but there was plenty going on off it as well: TikTok's #Motorsport month is in full swing and we invited creators into the paddock to shape the story: watch French content creator @poqssi interview AMF1 Team Reserve Driver Stoffel Vandoorne.

You can be part of the story too. This coming weekend it's Fernando's home Grand Prix and we want to turn Spain green with your help.

Follow @AstonMartinF1 and co-create our story by sharing your videos on TikTok throughout the season as we continue our journey.


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