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AMF1's 2022 season wrapped

What have you been reading in 2022? We look back on the year with a deep dive into some of the most read stories from the world of Aston Martin F1.

Sebastian Vettel

The much anticipated, and sometimes feared, annual warts-and-all account of what you've been listening to from a certain music-streaming giant has now landed. It's a fraught experience for many as they realise their sonic selections over the past year have been nowhere near as eclectic as they thought.

Inspired by the annual deep dive into listening habits, we've pored over the data to see what AMF1 stories you've viewed most this year.

Whether you gave up four hours of your life to read Sebastian Vettel's unashamedly honest and refreshingly open UNDERCUT interview from start to finish 24 times, missed your stop on the train because you were so engrossed in Fernando Alonso's immediate reaction to driving an AMF1 car, or found inner peace upon learning that you're not the only one because AMF1 Technical Director Dan Fallows also wakes up at three o'clock in the morning with great ideas, we're grateful for every second you spent reading stories from the world of AMF1.

You've followed us on our journey in 2022 and it's been humbling to have so many of you along for the ride. Join us as we look back on the year and dive into some of the most read AMF1 stories of 2022. Have you read them all?


Sebastian Vettel: "No one will remember me"

Raw, unfiltered and honest, in 2022 we launched our groundbreaking series, UNDERCUT. The antidote to uninspiring, overly PR'd, copy-and-paste F1 interviews, we cut to the chase with those at the heart of AMF1 by asking the questions you really want answered.

The interviews provoked discussion and captured the imagination – none more so than the interview with Sebastian. The four-time World Champion revealed why he thinks he will not be remembered, the thought process behind retiring, his opinions on Fernando joining, and missing out on a normal life.

Read the exclusive interview
UNDERCUT | Sebastian Vettel
Our new car

The AMR22 launch

With a striking new look and new sponsors to boot, the launch of our 2022 challenger – the AMR22 – was one of the most exciting events of the season.

This year's car was the first in the new era of technical regulations, with more emphasis on ground effect and a reduction in dirty air. Many elements of the AMR22 changed throughout the season, but the striking features of the car remained at every race throughout the year.

Relive the launch

Sebastian Vettel retires

Sebastian announced his retirement ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix and began his journey of bringing one of the greatest Grand Prix careers to a close. Sebastian's announcement came as a surprise to many in the paddock and he drew praise from his fellow racing drivers for doing it on his terms.

While the results were not always strong in the last two years, his influence on AMF1 will be felt for many years to come. As Team Principal Mike Krack put it: "When we become fully competitive – and we will – one of the architects of that future success will be Sebastian."

Hear from Sebastian
Sebastian Vettel
Fernando Alonso

Fernando joins AMF1

Just when the F1 started to wind down for the summer break, AMF1 sent a shockwaves throughout the sport by announcing that double World Champion Fernando Alonso would join the team for 2023.

Fernando was quickly announced as Sebastian's replacement after the four-time World Champion chose to retire at the end of 2022. This also started a dramatic chain of events in the F1 driver market that was not resolved until the final race of the year.

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Fernando Alonso
Returning to Canada

Lance's first home race since 2019

For the first time since 2019, Formula One raced in Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Ahead of his first home race since the global pandemic, we sat down with Lance to discuss his early memories of watching F1 at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, his food recommendations and what he would teach to his younger self.

Watch here
Lance Stroll

Dan Fallows talks joining AMF1 and learning from Newey

Among the team's many talented new hires for 2022 was Dan Fallows, who joined as Technical Director. In this instalment of our UNDERCUT series, Dan spoke candidly about leaving Red Bull Racing, what it was like to work with Adrian Newey and Max Verstappen, and the expectations for the team's performance in the coming years.

Read Dan's thoughts
Dan Fallows
Felipe Drugovich

Drugovich joins the team

Hours after sealing the Formula 2 title at Monza in dramatic fashion, Felipe Drugovich signed his very first Formula One deal, joining AMF1's all-new Driver Development Programme.

Since the announcement, he finished his F2 season with a double podium, completed his first Free Practice session with AMF1 and even featured in an episode of INSIDER.

Felipe will also be one of the team's reserve drivers in 2023, alongside Formula E champion Stoffel Vandoorne.

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Felipe Drugovich

Catching up with Mike Krack

Soon after announcing Fernando, we caught up with Mike Krack for an in-depth conversation about a wide range of topics.

Fernando was, of course, the big talking point but our new Team Principal for 2022 also opened up about working with the team, and the progress made from the start of the year.

Mike also shared insights into how the build of the new AMF1 factory is progressing, the team's progressive agenda and his desire to win.

Hear from Mike
Mike Krack
Back on Track

Sebastian inspires disadvantaged youngsters in London

As part of our 'Make a Mark' ESG programme, Sebastian Vettel visited Feltham Young Offenders Institute to open a brand new workshop for young people to train as mechanics.

Sebastian spoke about the need to give people a second chance, while Number One Mechanic Mikey Brown spoke about his own journey to go from sweeping floors to being a mechanic for one of the sport's all-time greats.

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Sebastian Vettel

Fernando's first thoughts

Fernando Alonso got his first taste of AMF1 machinery at Yas Marina and offered his initial impressions of the team and the car.

Speaking openly after his run, Fernando highlighted the changes he wants to make to feel more comfortable, and what he was able to learn from his time on the track.

This offers just a small glimpse of what we can expect from the legendary Spaniard in 2023.

Hear from Fernando
Fernando Alonso
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