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Weight is crucial to achieving speed in an F1 car. The lighter it is, the faster it is – but just how do we make the AMR22 as light as possible?

Powered by How

In Formula One, every tenth of a second counts when you're on the track, and every gram of weight can help you gain valuable lap-time.

Our engineers meticulously analyse and evaluate every part of the AMR22 in the search of ways to save every fraction of a gram. We try to make the car as light as it can possibly be and that even goes as far as the paint.


Lighter Equals Faster

In this first episode of Powered by How, brought to you by our strategic partner Aramco, AMF1 team members explain how every gram of weight matters on track.

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Powered by How

A few years ago, there were three and a half kilograms of paint on an F1 car but, over the years, that's been reduced to little more than a a kilo.

The search for weight savings never stops. We constantly explore the properties and applications of materials, and that includes working with our strategic partner Aramco to explore the development of low-cost carbon technologies.

Together with Aramco, in the first episode of 'Powered by How', we reveal the lengths we go to minimise the weight of the AMR22 and what the future holds for weight saving at the pinnacle of motorsport.

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