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Aramco Powered by How | The Importance of Aerodynamics

A car's aerodynamics affect more than just speed – how else does this engineering help the AMR22 on track?

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Aerodynamics has always been important in motor racing, creating a streamlined car with as little air resistance as possible to provide the maximum straight-line speed in a race.

But today, there is much more to focus on in the pursuit of performance.


The Importance of Aerodynamics

In this episode of Powered by How, brought to you by our strategic partner Aramco, our team members explain how aerodynamics drives performance in F1.

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Powered by How

Maximising grip, creating downforce and refining handling through the corners: aerodynamics is the prime performance differentiator on a Formula One car.

Small percentage improvements created in every race weekend is what adds up to the performance differences on track.

Together with our strategic partner Aramco, in this episode of 'Powered by How', we learn how aerodynamic engineering helps find the relentless pursuit of speed via technology.

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