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Aston Martin F1 hosts 'Make a Mark Day' in partnership with Cognizant

Make a Mark

As we endeavour to have a positive impact on the communities where we race and work as part of the 'Make a Mark' arm of our ESG programme, we held a series of social impact events at our Silverstone headquarters together with our title partner Cognizant.

On the Friday of the British Grand Prix, in partnership with Cognizant, Aston Martin F1 team members spent the day welcoming military veterans, students and charities to our Silverstone HQ for a series of activities teaching new skills and opening doors to careers in the technology sector.

"Aston Martin F1 shares our vision to make a mark," said Cognizant Global Head of ESG Outreach Padma Dayananda. "For us, outreach is about creating access to technology careers and getting everyone ready for the future of work. That's what this day is all about."

At Aston Martin F1, we're committed to unlocking human potential and breaking down barriers to careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

As we continue to grow and develop as a team, we're building for a successful future, encouraging people from all backgrounds to join us on our journey.

All in. All welcome. All celebrated.

Cognizant and TechVets
Our veterans can learn what skills they bring to our industry, and we can learn about the skills our industry is missing.
Padma Dayananda- Cognizant Global Head of ESG Outreach

Cognizant and TechVets roundtable seminar

15 military veterans took part in a roundtable seminar on careers in electronics, cyber security and data management. The event focused on the core philosophy of TechVets: creating a bridge for veterans, service leavers, reservists and their families into IT careers.

"Today, we've brought together people whose experience cannot be taught in the classroom – and those people are our veterans," added Padma.

"There are learnings for both sides: our veterans can learn what transferable skills they bring to our industry, and we can learn about the skills our industry is missing out on by not creating the right career pathways."

Aston Martin F1 Project Manager Stuart Rutledge shared his journey from Logistics Officer in the British Army to being part of our team and spoke to veterans with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

The group talked about the different roles available and heard from AMF1 colleagues to gain an invaluable insight into the experience and qualifications needed to pursue careers in technology in F1 and beyond.

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Social Mobility Foundation career advice seminar

As part of our 'Make a Mark' programme, we work with Cognizant to provide additional STEM learning to young people and help them understand the opportunities in STEM.

Thirty young people from the Social Mobility Foundation, a charity which aims to make a practical improvement in social mobility for young people from low socio-economic backgrounds, attended a series of roundtable workshops.

The workshops helped the students hone their CV writing skills, improve their interview technique and gain a better understanding of how to pursue a career in Formula One.

Having completed the workshops, apprentices from Aston Martin F1 met with the students to share their experience of learning while getting on-the-job training.

Social Mobility Foundation CEO Sarah Atkinson hosted a seminar to discuss the charity's partnership with Aston Martin F1 and Cognizant and the commitment to increasing equitable pathways into tech.

She was joined by Cognizant President of Global Growth Markets Rob Walker, AMF1 Chief People Officer Heath Cade and BBC Technology Editor Zoe Kleinman.

Zoe also spoke to Social Mobility Foundation alumna Paige Marshall, who shared her experience of the foundation and how it helped her begin her career as a strategist in Goldman Sachs' engineering division.

Make a Mark
Individuals must have an equitable opportunity to develop digital and STEM skills.
Rob Walker-Cognizant President of Global Growth Markets

Silverstone University Technical College students discover more about the world of F1

Students from Silverstone UTC, a purpose-built centre of excellence that specialises in high-performance engineering and business and technical events management for young people, also joined us at our headquarters to learn more about F1 and career opportunities in the sport.

Activities for the students included CV workshops and a learning experience with the Silverstone Museum STEM outreach programme, which gave them the opportunity to get their hands on F1 car parts and understand the inner workings of racing machines at the pinnacle of motorsport.


Sebastian Vettel makes his mark in London

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Cognizant Foundation announces grants to drive development of digital and STEM skills

Our 'Make a Mark Day' also saw the Cognizant Foundation announce £1.1 million in grants to five organisations working across the UK to connect individuals from historically excluded and underserved backgrounds with opportunities to develop in-demand STEM skills and gain access to tech careers.

The investment in the Social Mobility Foundation, Code First Girls, Prince's Trust, Raspberry Pi and Tech Vets aims to advance economic mobility and educational opportunity and provide individuals with access to digital and employability skills and opportunities for economic and social mobility.

"To be successful in an evolving global economy, individuals must have an equitable opportunity to develop digital and STEM skills, as well as necessary support to enter – and stay – in industries like tech," said Cognizant President of Global Growth Markets Rob Walker.

"Our foundation's investment in these five organisations reflects Cognizant's steadfast commitment to advancing economic mobility and expanding access to high-quality tech training and STEM education in communities across the globe."

As we take the next steps on our journey, we're searching for new talent to propel us forward. Visit our careers page to learn more.



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