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Driver Intuition with Sebastian Vettel | Presented by Cognizant

Is there such a thing as the perfect lap in Formula One? Possibly. But, when every lap is a chance to learn a little more and push a little harder, there's always lap-time to be found. Sebastian Vettel explains.

Sebastian Vettel

Data holds the key to unlocking performance and that's why we work closely with our title partner, Cognizant, to gather and analyse it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It's not enough to just rely on a driver's intuition, it must be married with data. From the driver to the engineers at the track and everyone at AMF1 mission control in Silverstone, reading and understanding live data is what turns a good lap into a great one. 

Watch Sebastian Vettel talk about how Cognizant allows the team to uncover valuable insights to help his driver's intuition perform even better. 


Intuition Engineered

Watch Sebastian Vettel talk about how his driver's intuition is helped by Cognizant.

Sebastian Vettel
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