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Exploring time and innovation, with Girard-Perregaux

The worlds of motorsport and timekeeping have a long-standing connection, with precision-engineered timepieces capturing the essence of top-level racing: time.

Laureato Chronograph Aston Martin Edition

In a new and exclusive feature, explore the connection between the pinnacle of engineering in both automotive and timepiece design with Official Watch Partner, Girard-Perregaux.

Hear from Girard-Perregaux's Global Head of Public Relations and Media, Meera Anand, and Product Marketing Manager, Claude-Daniel Proellochs, as they explain what Aston Martin means to them.

As fans of the sport, Claude-Daniel and Meera recount some of the most famous moments in F1 history and discuss what makes the relationship between Girard-Perregaux and Aston Martin a natural fit.


Exploring time and innovation

Watch as Girard-Perregaux's Global Head of Public Relations and Media, Meera Anand, and Marketing Product Manager, Claude-Daniel Proellochs, discuss their Formula One memories and explore the synergies between two iconic design and engineering brands.

Meera Anand, Girard-Perregaux
Meera Anand, Girard-Perregaux

Meera: "As a native of Montréal, for me, F1 first evokes memories of home and summer. The F1 races take place around the same time, in the month of June.

"So, when that's happening, you really hear echoes of the cars in the city because the races happen not too far from the centre. The ambience is really great, everybody is in a great mood."

Claude-Daniel: "When I think about when Barichello and Schumacher crossed the finish line number one and number two in Monza [in 2002], I still get goosebumps.

"Another memory of Monza: I had the chance to view the race from the paddock, and I was totally impressed by the mechanics.

"I have an especially vivid memory of the first tyre changed I ever witnessed. The precision and the speed the team used to accomplish that task was almost overwhelming."

Meera: "I got involved, or more interested, in F1 as a result of working in the watch business, just through the different partnerships and synergies that happen between a watch brand and a car brand.

"So, it's really at that point, when I entered the watch industry, that I was able to appreciate all the work that goes into watchmaking, and also the work that goes into car-making and the similarities that exist between both."

Claude-Daniel: "Aston Martin means British elegance, pure design, long lasting history and rarity without artifice.

"The two brands share the same values: curiosity and open-mindedness, meticulousness, dreams and emotions, craft, precision engineering. It's definitely for people in the know, and in the now."

Meera: "For me, what sticks out is that both brands are really involved with their histories. G-P is best known for our bridges collection, so this kind of arrow shape recurring throughout our bridges lines. And this bridge shape has become our logo."

Claude-Daniel: "Both brands look for the same objective. The quest for absolute precision and the quest for innovative, high-tech materials. Working together will help us to go further and faster."

Meera: "The watches have to be able to stand out on their own. Everything that comes out of this collaboration has to feel really authentic to both G-P and Aston Martin."

Thanks to Meera and Claude-Daniel for sharing their passion for design and engineering: #IAMSTORIES

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