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How big data helps shape F1's strategy calls

Every good result in modern-day Formula One has the power of data to underpin it. Crunching the numbers helps the men and women within Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team make those big decisions that can change a race in a moment.

Bernadette Collins

From mini-sector figures to lap-times, as well as the hundreds of channels of car telemetry, every piece of data is analysed and used to help build a picture of tyre behaviour, car performance and pitstop strategy – all in real-time.

Every decision the team makes is a human response underpinned by powerful analytics, taken by a team of engineers working at Mission Control HQ and an on-site crew sitting on the pitwall. It all means that listening to the data is key to success.

But the use of data doesn't end the moment the car crosses the line at the finish of a Grand Prix; it's quickly harnessed for post-event review, helping the team learn even more and improve for future races.


How interpreting data defines an F1 race weekend

Join Head of Race Strategy, Bernadette Collins, as she talks through the power of data during race weekends and explains how the team uses the information to make the optimum strategy calls.

How data powers the big strategy calls
How data powers the big strategy calls

Working closely with NetApp, Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team can manage and access data quickly and securely to help on-track performance, pulling data from the cloud and liaising in real-time between teams sitting thousands of miles apart, to achieve ultimate success on the racetrack.

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