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How SentinelOne helps car data go from track to factory

Reams of data are generated every time the AMR21 takes to the track, providing an immediate wealth of information to the pitwall and our Silverstone base – often rapidly delivered halfway across the world.

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Our Official Cybersecurity Partner SentinelOne plays a key role in this process, not only protecting sensitive data, but also ensuring there are back-ups and the ability to revert to previous working states.

As Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team IT Analyst Paul Bendrey explains, checking and verifying systems when the car is hitting speeds of over 200mph isn't practical, and it's where SentinelOne can step in to protect and maintain data flow.

Paul is responsible for all trackside IT, ensuring the data-flow from car, pitwall and HQ works seamlessly, meaning he works closely with SentinelOne.


Protecting our data

In F1, there is zero margin for error. That's where our partnership with SentinelOne comes in. Join IT Analyst, Paul Bendrey, to discover how our cybersecurity partner keeps our data safe on and off the track.

The race for F1 safety
The race for F1 safety

The goal is 100% efficiency and removing the possibility for errors. Here he explains how our aligned goals with SentinelOne – "empowerment and advantage" – are crucial to on-track success.

Official Cybersecurity Partner


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