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I / AM. Together, we create.

Without you, there's no F1. As we return stateside for the US Grand Prix, Aston Martin F1 is celebrating your contribution to the sport.

Together, we create

"If I did what I did and no one was watching – no people in the grandstands, no emotions from the outside – it wouldn't mean a thing." – Sebastian Vettel

Our sport is made up of a collective of passionate people who each express fandom in a unique way. And, while your connection to Formula One is personal to you, your contribution is intrinsic to the sport itself – it shapes everyone's experience of it.

No matter how ardent, no matter how fleeting. Be it in the garage, the grandstands, the bars or at home, everyone contributes to the spectacle. Co-creation of the story is not solely the preserve of content creators, it's done by you: the dreamers, the racers, the innovators, and the most casual of spectators – even the mid-race sleepers.

From the most elaborate expressions of support to the imperceptible, the sum of these individual expressions is what elevates sport from fierce, unrelenting competition to enthralling entertainment.

You are what give our sport meaning and without you, Formula One wouldn't be what it is – it wouldn't have the capacity to leave such an indelible mark on our lives.

To communicate this message, throughout the week of the United States Grand Prix, our latest I / AM campaign will celebrate fandom in every way, from TikTok Creators expressing their fandom through creative content to the vocal support from the Austin grandstands.

We're shining a light on everyone's contribution to the sport and celebrating it by putting the campaign in the hands of fans: providing you with the opportunity to co-create so you can bring your thing and share it with the world.

We give you the platform; you tell the story.


I / AM

Together, we create.

Together, we create. Last week, we invited several UK and US based #F1 content creators to come and let loose their creativity, giving them a blank canvas and an AMR22 to work with.

What followed was a true display of passion and creativity, with each bringing their own flair and unique approach to their content. Stay tuned to see the creators' content showcased on our channels this week.

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Together, we create.

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