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I / AM USA: Celebrating creativity, passion and innovation

Welcome to Austin! Over the course of this week at the United States Grand Prix, Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team will celebrate the people and organisations who are driving change. This is I / AM USA.


In this I / AM series, we will highlight the Future Makers, those who are ahead of the curve and think forward, accelerating the future of Formula One, technology and beyond. 

Future Makers see gaps where others do not. They use the spark of an idea, raw talent, determination, collaboration, and passion to encourage progress in their lives and the lives of others and they are dedicated to making it happen. 

It's this attitude that Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team will highlight throughout the Austin weekend, amplifying the natural pairing between F1 and Future Makers. F1 is the pinnacle of technological innovation and is on an ever-evolving journey where big ideas can mean winning incremental gains.

Through Future Makers, we will gain expert insight from key partners including Gaurav Chand, CMO of Cognizant, Tomer Weingarten, Co-Founder and CEO of SentinelOne and George Kurian, CEO and President of NetApp, amongst others. 

While Future Makers aims to inspire through exclusive and thought-provoking interviews that speak to determination and self-belief, I / AM is a platform for storytelling, creativity and expression. I / AM rewards passion and flair and shines a light on those with a unique talent as well as those who are effecting positive change.

Therefore, in Austin, we are engaging with local artists and creators to capture the unique culture of the city and we're encouraging our fans from all over the world to get involved too. 

Austin, this is your moment and your chance to make your mark. Show us your talents on social media through #IAMCREATIVITY. All in. All welcome. All celebrated. 

Join our journey stateside, sign up to I / AM today. Welcome to Austin. 

Thanks to our Future Makers, our content creators and our fans for making their mark on I / AM USA: #IAMUSA.

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