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I / AM: Our commitment

A journey we take together. Our commitment to you.

This is just the beginning –
A brand-new chapter in an already rich story.
One of the most iconic emblems in the world returning to F1 with a fresh perspective, determined to shake up the order.
With one of the most diverse fanbases in the sport.

As we continue to evolve,
we’re committed to placing you at the heart of everything we do.
Consciously reflecting the world beyond the track.
Driving the sport forwards, and taking everyone with us for the ride.

I / AM is our official membership club – but it's also so much more.
This is a global and diverse network of people,
brought together by shared passions and the desire to do things differently.
Together I / AM members will truly leave a mark on our team, our sport and beyond.

I / AM is a new chapter and we want you to be a part of it.
Help us to be better – push us and F1 forwards.
There’s no half measures; this is a platform for greatness.
All welcome. All celebrated. All in.

I / AM

Without you, there's no us.

I / AM
I / AM
I / AM is an experimental membership programme with a simple idea:

If you believe in what we stand for,
help us write this new chapter together.

This is just the beginning.
I / AM