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#IAMSTORIES - Caroline

As Aston Martin gets set to return to the Formula One grid for the first time in over 60 years, we’re bringing fans into the heart of the story. Your passion and support drives our team forward, and in this new series, we’re giving you a platform to share your I / AM Story.

#IAMF1 Stories - Caroline

For Caroline, living in Scotland, Formula One has been a part of her life for “as long as she can remember”. Here, in her own words, Caroline shares her I / AM Story.

For me, Formula One was sitting with my Mum and Dad and watching the races in the 1990s. Names like Michael Schumacher, David Coulthard, Jacques Villeneuve and Mika Häkkinen were almost as well known to me as my friends! One year, I was gifted a t-shirt painting kit with sponges in various shapes - including a racing car. So, I "borrowed" one of Mum's white t-shirts and painted "Go Hill Go" on it!

I was largely a casual Formula One fan in the following years but I became more invested after university and began following the well-known drivers on social media and truly joining the Formula One fandom - but the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix really made me stop and think 'this is my passion and I want to be fully immersed in it'.

It was such an exciting race, seeing an up-and-coming driver like Daniel Ricciardo on the podium - and I definitely remember Force India [with Nico Hulkenberg] being in some great battles and up there for good points [in fifth place].”

Team Silverstone has always been inspiring and I’m so proud of it.
Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team fan
#IAMF1 Stories - Caroline

Supporting Force India and Racing Point over these years has been a wild ride of highs and lows that’s kept me hooked to Formula One ever since. I’ve always been the sort of person who loves to support an underdog. My friends all supported Manchester United and I supported Liverpool! On Pop Idol, all the teenage girls wanted Gareth Gates to win and I wanted Will Young to win!

So rather than Ferrari, for example, I loved Force India. It’s hard to remember why I chose Force India but I was a big Paul di Resta fan at the time. But what’s made me a fan throughout is Team Silverstone fighting and scoring points, podiums and wins against bigger teams – it’s always been inspiring and I’m so proud of it.

Force India also gave me one of my best memories in F1 as I attended the HQ Party in 2017. I couldn’t believe I had a ticket until I was greeted at the door and let in. Seeing all the past cars, driving in the simulator and watching a Grand Prix at the team’s Silverstone base was incredible.

But now we’re into the Aston Martin era, my first thoughts were all about the colour! But I’m really looking forward to seeing what the team can do under such an iconic name. Based on how the team has managed in the past with more modest budgets, I’m certain that the future will be great. With Sebastian’s experience in the sport and Lance’s talent we should hopefully go into the new regulations on the front foot and show fans exactly why they should support Team Silverstone!

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So far, I’m loving this new era. I’m enjoying all the content online and the fact there’s focus on involving the fans and interacting with them makes me feel warm inside. I’m sure the team will continue to grow its fanbase and people will realise why I am so passionate about the team. Then I can finally name one of my pets after the team! All my pets have had motorsport-related names and my latest addition is an Axolotl, if it turns out to be male – I could call it Aston or Lancelotl…

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