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As Aston Martin gets set to return to the Formula One grid for the first time in over 60 years, we’re bringing fans into the heart of the story. Your passion and support drives our team forward, and in this series, we’re giving you a platform to share your I / AM Story.

#IAMF1 Story - Georgia

For Georgia, Formula One is a much-needed release on a weekend and the sport has been with her from the very first day of her life. Here, in her own words, Georgia shares her #IAMF1 Story.

My story is not like many fans, I'd imagine. I've never been to a race; I've not met a driver and I've never been to a circuit when racing is on. But my story starts when I was very young.

My Dad and late Grandfather were huge Formula One fans and have both worked within the car industry - so it's no surprise that I fell in love with cars and motorsport! I think my Dad’s passion was evident when he politely informed my Mum that she could not give birth if there was a race on. Fortunately for my Dad, I was born a few days before the next race on the calendar...

The day I was born, my dad finished his nightshift, changed into a Michael Schumacher shirt and arrived at the hospital just in time to meet me. He wore the exact same shirt when my brother was born a couple of years later. We were both introduced to Formula One from day one! As a baby, I would sit with my dad while he watched races and it started my love of the sport and motoring.

As I grew up, I continued to watch Formula One and other motorsports, but so many people told me “motorsport is not something a girl should watch” or that motor racing is boring. It didn’t stop me from watching every single race, every weekend.

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Sebastian answers fan questions
Sebastian answers fan questions

I would sit and watch old recordings of races that my Dad had been given by my Grandad. I remember seeing Ayrton Senna’s iconic helmet, the battles between Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill and hearing Murray Walker commentate. I would always be shouting at the TV for Michael and I would be cheering and running around whenever Michael got on the podium.

Life has moved fast over the last eight years. They've been stressful, filled with tears and involved a lot of sleepless nights. I went to college, became a full-time law student at university and then became a full-time caregiver to my Mum. I find myself running around trying to do all my studies, housework, and carer duties. Then my day is almost over and I have little time for myself to relax - and the pandemic hasn't helped.

It means that Formula One has become my lifeline, giving me the chance to sit down for a couple of hours and breathe. Formula One has been the one constant in my life. I can sit back with a cup of tea and watch something that I absolutely love.

There's been so many great moments following Formula One, but more recently, it's been amazing to watch history be made as Aston Martin returns to the grid - not to mention last year when Team Silverstone won the Sakhir Grand Prix with Sergio Perez. I will always remember the last lap, my family all jumped up out of our seats cheering as Sergio crossed the finish line!

I always had a soft spot for the team when it was Force India and Racing Point. I loved cheering for the successes and always felt the lows on the bad days. My love and support for the team has grown - especially now you have my two favourite drivers!

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Aston Martin is such an iconic brand with beautiful looking road cars and a lot of history. Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team brings such history and passion to the grid, and of course the most beautiful shade of green!

From the very start, this team has made all of the fans feel like we are part of it - as one big family. Not only have you given us an insight into Sebastian and Lance as team-mates, but you've truly shown how much your drivers, team and fans mean to you.

On a personal level, you sent me a tweet after I did some sewing of two rabbits. It was nothing to do with Formula One, but you said: “Georgia, this is amazing, you are amazing! You’ve made our day, thank you for sharing your amazing talent. 💚”

I've not always had support outside of my family. I faced negativity for going to university to study law and for being a girl who loved motorsport, so that tweet made me feel like I am capable of anything if I work hard for it. I should have more faith and confidence in myself to keep pushing and prove to myself that I can achieve my dreams.

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