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#IAMSTORIES | Arman, Turkey

The 2021 Turkish Grand Prix is next up for Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team and ahead of the race, we're shining the spotlight on a local fan set to experience Formula One live for the first time.

Arman, Turkey

Arman Yetik's passion for Formula One began in 2017 and it's a path that has led him to the fan-favourite venue of Istanbul Park this weekend. This is Arman's story, in his own words.

I was always interested in cars and racing as a young boy, but the first time I watched a full Formula One race was in the early 2010s. I was just a casual follower until early 2017, but then I started looking into F1 in more depth and became a proper fan.

I admire every driver on the grid, but Sebastian is unique. He has already achieved huge milestones in his career and seeing his off-track causes and activism makes me respect him even more.

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It's difficult to pick an exact Formula One moment as my favourite, but I loved Germany in 2019. What a chaotic race that was. Sebastian's performance was incredible, finishing second in wet and tricky conditions.

However, I think my new favourite moment is going to be the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix, because it will be my very first Formula One experience. I'm very excited for it.

As an unusual anti-clockwise design, Istanbul is already a challenging circuit. With those blind apexes, uphill and downhill fast corners, and long straights, it becomes even tougher for the drivers. It all adds up to create the fascinating character of Istanbul Park.

With corners like the incredible Turn Eight, Istanbul Park has always been exciting. Felipe Massa's first pole and win (2006), Red Bull's drama (2013) and Lewis Hamilton's great fight back to second from an early spin in GP2 (2006) are all moments to remember.

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Turkish Grand Prix

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Lance Stroll, 2021 Turkish Grand Prix

I often do a lap around the track on my PC, and the most difficult part is the first sector with its blind apexes. There are different approaches and different lines, which makes it really easy to lose lap time.

There are lots of great places to witness some action at Istanbul Park, especially with the rain we saw last year. My first choice would be the grandstands at the first and last corners due to the great viewpoints, which means a higher chance of seeing the key moments play out.

Istanbul is a great city to visit, and I would recommend it to anyone coming for the race. It's a beautiful city with incredible architecture and so many cultural and historical landmarks. It will make for a great weekend away.

Thanks to I / AM member Arman for sharing his voice, his experiences and connecting with the world through his passion for Formula One: #IAMSTORIES.

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