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Round 17 of the 2021 Formula One season is up next for Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team, and we're raring to go in Austin, Texas.


Ahead of the race, we're shining a spotlight on our spirited fanbase in the United States of America. Though she's only been an F1 fan for a short while, Maria Henderson is as passionate as they come. This is Maria's story, in her own words.

My first 'full' year of being a Formula One fan was in 2020, and I've all but made it my dream to attend an F1 race. Whenever I cheer, the whole neighbourhood can hear me!

I'm so happy about the new Miami GP next year. It's closer to North Carolina than Texas, so I'm excited and ready!

I think the biggest challenge of the US GP circuit is staying on track and not exceeding the limits. It's a crazy circuit, for sure.

If a foreign fan wanted to visit the US GP, I'd tell them to pack for any kind of weather, except snow. The weather in Texas is a mess!

I also recommend going a weekend early to watch the NASCAR races at Texas Motor Speedway. And, if you're visiting the south, you also have to try Moon Pie and RC Cola!

My favourite thing about Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team is the atmosphere in the team. I've never seen Sebastian Vettel look and feel more at home.

There seems to be support for the team all the way around the world, and I really hope the team will win a World Championship title in the future.

My favourite moment from the team this year, off track, has been watching the Lance vs. Seb challenges. I love a happy Seb! My favourite challenge was when they had to search for the items in the backpack. It was so enjoyable.

I live, breathe, and sleep racing; it's all I’ve ever wanted to be a part of. I had a small taste of it back in 2012-2013 with NASCAR, but I want more.

Although I've only been a fan of Formula One for two years, I feel as though I’m closer to the action by being an I / AM member. I think any F1 fan should sign up to be an I / AM member. If you're a racing fan and love anything that goes fast, why not? News, facts, Q&As… what's not to love?

Thanks to I / AM member Maria for sharing her voice, her experiences and connecting with the world through her passion for Formula One: #IAMSTORIES.

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