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#IAMSTORIES | VOICES, Cary Fukunaga, Director of No Time To Die

VOICES Cary Fukunaga

Cary Fukunaga. Emmy-award winner and director of the latest James Bond movie, No Time To Die

A unique talent with a unique story. Speaking exclusively to Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team in a special edition of VOICES, Fukunaga discusses his love for Aston Martin cars, his first memories of the Bond films and how 007 inspired him to pursue a career in filmmaking.


Cary Fukunaga

Since his youth, Cary has been captivated by the world of 007. He fell in love with the drama, the adrenaline and the pure beauty of all things Bond. This is a tale of passion. This is #IAMSTORIES.


"The first time that I saw a James Bond film was in the cinema, I must have been about seven or eight years old in Oakland, California. The film was A View to a Kill. 

"The whole finale takes place in San Francisco, in Silicon Valley. So, to walk out of the cinema, and to be able to look across the bay at the Golden Gate Bridge and imagine this huge fight taking place right there in front of my home seemed to make the magical world of movies cross over into my everyday life. 

"I think from that point forward, I was a major fan of the Bond character and films. I think it also helped that Duran Duran did the opening credits because my older brother was a big fan of their music, so whatever music he was listening to, I was also listening to."

The DB5 has remained synonymous with James Bond and Fukunaga explains why it holds a special place in his heart. 

"Not only because of its history with the Bond films and Bond's character, but purely out of selfishness, I think the DB5 that we made for this film is probably my favourite.  

"That classic coupe shape, the rounded curves and corners, the classic silver exterior and all the hidden secrets that are inside of it.  

"I've had the opportunity to drive one as well, and just knowing the value of the vehicle I'm driving in makes it that much more special.       

"The DB5 has been established since the beginning of his [Daniel Craig's] reign essentially, and so it’s had a really fun storyline in itself, and [as well as] what Q has done to it in that time period.  

"He drives away in Spectre in that DB5. The question is what did Q do to it? It was never really established.  

"So, the fun was getting to invent what this new DB5 might do, and how it could get Bond out of his traditional sticky situations. 

"I think what comes to mind for me when I think of Aston Martin is, aside from class and luxury, the uniqueness of each vehicle.  

"How each one is handmade and not each one after the other is an exact copy. It's got the wabi-sabi perfection. 

 "I got to visit the factory and see how the moulds were made for each panel that's put together. 

 "It's pretty incredible how much it is an old-world craftsmanship that is still happening today. 

 "Aston Martin is not only a legacy brand in terms of British heritage, but it’' also obviously tied intrinsically with the Bond franchise. 

 "So, on the one hand you have this idea of a luxury car and on the other hand you have these cars that do amazing things.  

 "The Aston Martin is the biggest toy that you can imagine for Bond."

Thanks to No Time to Die director Cary Fukunaga for sharing his passion and creative talents: #IAMSTORIES.


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