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#IAMSTORIES | Cognizant

From Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell battling wheel-to-wheel in the 1991 Spanish Grand Prix to Michael Schumacher’s first Grand Prix and the intoxicating smells and sounds of motorsport in between. We all have our moments that led to our love of Formula One.

Whether it was experiencing a first Grand Prix or stumbling across an awe-inspiring moment by chance on TV, each fan has a unique story to tell.

With the help of our Title Sponsor Cognizant, we’re sharing the stories and passions of people who fell in love with Formula One in the latest episode of #IAMSTORIES | VOICES.

"Names like Spa-Francorchamps, Suzuka, Monza, Donington Park, Estoril, they were not names. They were institutions. They were the theatres of dreams." This is just one story in a collection of Formula One passion stories.


Tales of Formula One passion, with Cognizant

From Senna to Schumacher, Mansell to Reutemann, everyone's passion for racing starts somewhere. We sat down with a few friends from Cognizant to hear where it all began for them.

#IAMSTORIES | Cognizant
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