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Michael Schumacher. And Lewis Hamilton. The two reasons that, like so many before him, Conor McDonnell first fell in love with the artistry of Formula One.

Conor McDonnell

Now a globally-renowned artist in his own right, photographer Conor, an Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team fan, will go behind-the-scenes of this weekend's Brazilian Grand Prix with the team, capturing the spirit of the F1 Paddock as we race at the Grande Prêmio De São Paulo.

From photographing the wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to capturing David Attenborough on Safari in Kenya and shooting with the likes of Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding, Conor is no stranger to using his talents to capture key moments.

His work is powerful, and his photography inspires conversation – so much so that his images have even been discussed at the US Senate. 

His artistry is the perfect embodiment of #IAMCREATIVITY – an AMCF1 campaign that champions creative talent, expression and passion.

And it is for these reasons that Conor's story is featured in VOICES. Stay tuned to our channels across the weekend to see how Conor uniquely captures the behind-the-scenes of a Grand Prix.


Storytelling through a camera lens

His creativity has led him all around the world, capturing unique moments and telling the stories of others. Meet Conor McDonnell, a globally renowned photographer with a passion for Formula One who will be joining us for the Brazilian Grand Prix. This is his story. This is VOICES.

Conor McDonnell
Conor McDonnell

"Through my own photography, I have discovered that I can create change and influence, especially in the nature space. I didn't realise I had the potential or the power to do that.

"I got into photography when I was 16 years old. I had sort of an interest in it growing up. My Mum and Dad always had a camera around, whether it was a family holiday or family party. But I never really developed an interest in it until I was about 15 or 16.

"My favourite thing to shoot? It’s a tough question because I love a lot of what I shoot. I'm very lucky in that I work with a lot of amazing people, but I always said I wanted to work with Sir David Attenborough.

"Over the past few years, amazingly, I've had the chance to work with him quite a bit, all over the world. I got to travel to the Maasai Mara in Kenya with him. I got to go to Washington DC, to Davos, all around the UK.

"I've even had a minute in the photography studio, shooting him for press pictures and all sorts. I've been able to spend quite a significant amount of time with him. He is my hero, so that is probably my favourite."

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"Formula One to me is my favourite sport. I absolutely love it. The fast-paced nature, the teamwork, the fast cars – I'm a big fan of fast cars!

"I've always been a fan of Formula One, but I think I was in my early teens when my love for Formula One really developed, and my passion for it became a really big thing.

"It was around the time Michael Schumacher was dominating. He's an absolute legend, not just in motorsport but in sport in general. For someone to be at the top of their game for that long, creating such an impact, his legacy was incredible.

"But also, it was not long after that when Lewis Hamilton, a British driver, came in and did amazing things from the get-go. It's really inspiring to see.

"Aston Martin to me, is class. It's British, it's sexy, it's James Bond's car. They're just beautiful cars, it's an amazing brand, and it's just everything I love about cars.

"Aston Martin competing in Formula One is great. It's an amazing British motorsport brand, with such a legacy and history, and I'm supporting them.

"I am Conor McDonnell, and #IAMCREATIVITY."

Stay tuned to our channels across the weekend to see how Conor uniquely captures the behind-the-scenes of a Grand Prix.

Thanks to Conor for sharing his story, his passion and his creative talents: #IAMSTORIES

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