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#IAMSTORIES | VOICES: Marek Reichman

From experiencing Ayrton Senna's legendary Monaco Grand Prix drive to Damon Hill's home victory, Marek Reichman has always been inspired by Formula One.

Marek Reichman

For Aston Martin’s Chief Creative Officer, that love of Formula One came full circle for the 2021 season, as he turned his hand to the design of the AMR21 livery.

DBDuring his career, Marek has been influential in the design of some of the most iconic Aston Martins of all time, including the DBS, Vulcan and the DB10 concept car that appeared in the James Bond film Spectre.

In the latest episode of #IAMSTORIES | VOICES, Marek explains what makes Formula One so special to him, and what the return of Aston Martin to Grand Prix racing means to the manufacturer.


Marek Reichman on a new legacy for Aston Martin

From watching Damon Hill and Lewis Hamilton make history at Silverstone, to playing his own part in a Formula One legacy with the return of Aston Martin, Marek Reichman's story is intertwined with the rich heritage of British motorsport.

#IAMSTORIES | VOICES: Marek Reichman

"My earliest memory of Formula One? I was in Monaco for [Ayrton] Senna's very famous Monaco Grand Prix [in 1984], which was incredible.

"Other standouts were Damon Hill's home win at Silverstone [in 1994], as well as Lewis [Hamilton's] more recent victory at Silverstone.

"What connects me to Formula One is that it's the ultimate in sport. I love sport, and I love competition, I really enjoy watching what the teams have to do to win.

"Ultimately, the drivers are put in the cars to win with the team, and it's a brilliant team sport. You can't get better than Formula One in motor racing.

"It's absolutely amazing to see Aston Martin back on the Formula One grid. The company started its life back in 1913 with two guys who wanted to go racing.

"They raced up Aston Hill. It became Aston Martin in the pre-war era, in the 1920s, we were racing cars. In 1959, we were racing cars in Formula One.

"And now we're back, and it's simply the right place for the brand to be, competing with some other incredibly well-known brands on the most competitive circuits.

"I think the hopes and aspirations for this new era really are about being back where we belong. What's it going to do? People are going to see Aston Martin, they're going to see Aston Martin competing, weekend after weekend, and see that we are at the pinnacle of the sport.

"We're at the pinnacle with our road cars, and people are going to come to Aston Martin. Look, and say 'they're simply the best'."

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