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#IAMSTORIES | VOICES: Trevor Johnson

Trevor Johnson traces his earliest memories of Formula One back to Sunday afternoons with his father. Now, it's a tradition he enjoys sharing with his four-year-old daughter. 

Trevor Johnson

As Head of Business Marketing [Europe] at TikTok, Trevor has played a pivotal part in the success of brand partnerships, including the newly signed tie-up with Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team.

In the latest episode of #IAMSTORIES | VOICES, Trevor explains how the return of Aston Martin to Formula One inspires him. 


Trevor Johnson on bringing F1 passion to life

Where British innovation meets British creativity. As Head of Business Marketing [Europe] at TikTok, Trevor Johnson knows how to bring a story to life. As a lifelong F1 fan and Aston Martin enthusiast, he knows what it means to be one of us. This is #IAMSTORIES | Voices.

#IAMSTORIES | VOICES: Trevor Johnson

"What is Formula One to me? I mean Formula One, it's the pinnacle: of cars, of racing, of technology, of athleticism and fitness, fine margins, straight line speed, braking. Everything. 

"My Formula One story is Sunday afternoons with my dad. We'd watch snooker, and we'd watch F1. I've always been obsessed with cars, and now it's Sunday afternoons with my four-year-old daughter. 

"Last season she liked the black car and the red one, but this season she likes the green one because it has the same badge as daddy's car. It’s amazing that she already loves Aston Martin. 

"My earliest memory of Formula One was when I was a little child, able to see cars up close. I think it was at Goodwood and you can just hear the engine and the roar, feeling the cars that go straight through you as they went past. From then on I've just been completely obsessed with the sport.

"I've been to a few Grands Prix. I think the ones I've been most lucky to go to were in Singapore. The streets, the lights… it's just the way the city transforms on Formula One weekends.

"It's incredible. I've been to a couple of British Grands Prix as well, but the one I really hope to get to at some point is Monaco, just because it’s Monaco!

"I've never been more excited about the return of a brand to Formula One than I have with Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team, just because it feels like a heritage and legacy is returning to the sport.

"There's just this palpable difference in what's going to be on the track and the excitement I have seeing that green car going around the track is incredible. With this new Formula One team, I hope it brings a renewed energy within the sport."

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