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INSIDER: How F1 mechanics handle mixed conditions

In the latest episode of INSIDER, discover how Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team’s race mechanics react to the challenge of mixed conditions.

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The weather in Russia affected the team's programme, especially when the third practice session on Saturday morning was cancelled.

Go behind the scenes and discover how the team reacted to last-minute changes through the insight of rear-end mechanics Jordan Trevitt and Jamie Russell, who work on Lance Stroll's and Sebastian Vettel's cars respectively.

It's the responsibility of the rear-end mechanics to manage and oversee the use of gearboxes through the weekend, which includes what are known as a Friday gearbox and a Grand Prix gearbox, to maximise performance and reliability.

While also overseeing areas of the car such as the rear wing and sections of the floor, the rear-end mechanics remain in constant communication with the number one mechanics and the hydraulics team to ensure the gearboxes are ready on time.


The challenges of wet conditions

When rain starts falling, the game changes. Join Jordan & Jamie, rear-end mechanics for Lance & Sebastian, as they give us an exclusive insight into the challenges they face when the weather turns.

Rear-end mechanics Jordan Trevitt and Jamie Russell
Rear-end mechanics Jordan Trevitt and Jamie Russell

From set-up on Friday through to the long, often-overnight shifts ahead of qualifying and the Grand Prix, experience the Russian Grand Prix from an alternative angle.

This is our Russian Grand Prix weekend, told by the people at the heart of the story. This is #IAMSTORIES | INSIDER.

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