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INSIDER: How F1 teams set up a garage

Transporting a Formula One team garage set-up around the world is no easy task, with logistical and timing challenges requiring those at the heart of the process to constantly adapt if they are to ensure the team has everything required to execute an efficient weekend on track.


In this week's episode of INSIDER, we're bringing you closer to the team members who assemble, maintain, and pack down the entire garage set-up for each race weekend, creating a platform for the team to fight for results on track before heading straight to the next venue to do it all over again.

Follow Garage Technicians Jamie Scott, Jack Partridge, Fabio Brandelli and Chris Smith, alongside Race Team Coordinator Chris Dodd and Garage Support Joe Micklewright, as they talk through the detailed process that goes into creating and transporting the garage infrastructure.

Discover how the team moves five garage set-ups around the world via sea freight, and how each individual member of the crew combines a variety of roles across the weekend, including working on the AMR21 cars.


How F1 teams set up a garage

Working in Formula One can mean taking on many roles, and our Garage Team are a shining example of this. Join the crew and discover how their jobs evolve during a race weekend, from late nights building the garage to the pressure of pitstops.


This episode of INSIDER also reveals the more human side of the team, as Fabio recalls his first experience of working with Sebastian in 2008, while Jack explains how he first met Fabio as a child during a pitlane walk in 2006, beginning a journey that led to them working side-by-side today.

This is our Qatar Grand Prix weekend, told through the eyes of those who enable us to perform at our best, no matter where we race.


Thanks to the Garage Team for making their mark at track: #IAMSTORIES

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