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INSIDER: How is Sebastian Vettel’s car prepared for a race weekend?

Join Michael Brown, Sebastian Vettel's No.1 Mechanic at Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team, as he talks us through his role on car No.5 during the Austrian Grand Prix weekend.

2021 Austrian Grand Prix

From the car build process to ensuring his driver is comfortable in the cockpit, the latest episode of INSIDER reveals the various stages of preparation Sebastian's car goes through to get it ready to race. 

In a role that relies heavily on teamwork and dedication, the No.1 Mechanic is the glue that holds the No.5 car crew together in one of the world's most intense sporting environments.

With insights rarely seen outside of the garage, Michael talks us through the meticulous car setup process, tight deadlines and key moments that define a race weekend for both himself and his crew.

This is the story of the Austrian Grand Prix, told through the eyes of a team member at the very heart of the action.


Inside the Austrian Grand Prix

Think you know all there is to know about prepping the AMR21 for action? Think again. Join Michael Brown, Sebastian Vettel's No.1 Mechanic for an exclusive insight into one of the most important parts of the race weekend. This is #IAMSTORIES | INSIDER, Austria.

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