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Lance vs. Seb: The Ring Toss Challenge

Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel go head-to-head once again in the latest episode of Lance vs. Seb, and this weekend’s episode has a fairground feel with a classic game of Ring Toss.

Lance vs Sebastian

As the on-track triple-header picks up pace, the competition doesn't let up between Lance and Sebastian, with a battle set against the beautiful backdrop of the Styrian Mountains.

Each driver has five rings in each of the three rounds for a battle of risk vs reward. The bottles closest to Lance and Sebastian are worth one point, while the second row are worth two points and the final row rewards the bold with three points.

After last weekend's Euro 2020 Challenge, Sebastian moved into the lead of the series, meaning Lance has a chance to draw level this time out.

Will Sebastian find an edge and draw clear of Lance in the competition? Or is the Canadian going to demonstrate a hidden skill and reel his team-mate back in? Will anyone score three points for a single throw? Find out in the latest episode of Lance vs. Seb.

Lance vs Seb

Ring Toss Challenge

This week we're throwing it back to a classic as Lance and Sebastian take on the ring toss challenge! Be warned, it's not as easy as it looks...

Lance vs Sebastian
Lance vs Sebastian
Round Six

Lance vs Sebastian

Round Five

Lance vs Sebastian