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Sebastian hosts competition for local Austrian schools to help build bee hotel

Sebastian's Honey Ryder AMR21 inscription

Ahead of the 2021 BWT Austrian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel hosted a competition between local Styrian schools for a chance to build a Formula One-inspired bee hotel.

Sebastian led a competition between schools to help educate on the topic of biodiversity and species protection through bee hotels.

A bee hotel offers protection and a habitat for bees, which are a vital part of the global ecosystem and require protection.

Schools across the state joined the competition by creating bee hotels shaped as Formula One cars, and the four-time World Champion then selected the winning school.

An elementary school in Frohnleiten came out on top, and the entire class helped Sebastian construct the bee hotel, using natural resources such as bamboo canes and pinecones.

"The idea behind the project is to create more space for insects and bees because they have a very important task," said Sebastian.

"Without bees, the world wouldn’t be as good as it is."

Sebastian is also raising awareness during Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team’s BWT Austrian Grand Prix weekend.

His crash helmet features several bees, and the cockpit of the AMR21 also features a bee alongside the Honey Ryder chassis name, to highlight the importance of bees.

Sebastian continues to push for more sustainability, equality, and diversity, and the bee hotel competition is his latest initiative as he looks to help create a better world.

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