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Shutter Speed: Samba in Sao Paulo

The undulating Interlagos Circuit provided a distinct backdrop to one of Formula One's most anticipated Grands Prix of the season, and photographers were given the opportunity to produce some dramatic imagery across the race weekend.

Sao Paulo GP

The Sao Paulo Grand Prix delivered a fantastic event as ever, and the vibrance and atmosphere were all captured across the weekend.

Join Aston Martin F1 Team and Motorsport Images photographer Zak Mauger as he explains the details behind his favourite shots from the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

Shutter Speed: Sao Paulo GP

Shot on a Canon R3, 70-200mm lens

"I went onto the roof of the race control tower in Free Practice Two to see if I could find a different angle on the typical city shot.

"Unfortunately, we've lost some of the flexibility we have due to a new hospitality building on the infield this year.

"I like big scenic shots as there's a lot going on, so I try to make sure I catch them when I can.

"Here, we have the car in the lower left, thousands of fans in view and the city in the background for this dramatic image."

Shutter Speed: Sao Paulo GP

Shot on a Canon EOS R3, 50mm lens

"I've used a slow shutter speed to accentuate speed here as Seb makes his way around Turn Eight.

"There are a lot of high banks here we can stand on and look down on the cars. This allows us to get pictures from slightly different angles, such as with this example."

Shutter Speed: Sao Paulo GP

Shot on a Canon EOS R3, 24-70mm lens

"The team usually opts for the afternoon trackwalk which often gives nice light when the sun's out.

"The walk took place slightly later in the day here in Brazil, and this was taken just as Seb and the team walked around Turn 11.

"The sun popped out briefly during a weekend of mixed weather to give these lovely long shadows."

Shutter Speed: Sao Paulo GP

Shot on a Canon EOS R3, 70-200mm lens

"This is another angle from the race control tower. Typically, the drivers will get out of the cars at the FIA weighbridge during this session, so I was in position to catch this at the end of FP2.

"The building has lots of glass windows which helped to create this well-divided reflection."

Sao Paulo GP

Shot on a Canon EOS R3, 70-200mm lens

"The circuits put up flags for all the races during the season at the pit entry. This is the usual angle – shot down low from an elevated position and a with slow shutter speed.

"This helps to create a colourful photo, such as in this instance here. The pit entry lines add to this photo and help to highlight Seb here."

Shutter Speed: Sao Paulo GP

Shot on a Canon EOS R3, 135mm lens

"There are quite a few trees around the circuit, which combined with the yellow and green kerbs help to create some really nice interpretations of this style of picture.

"Here, I've used a slow shutter speed and shot through some of the trees from the banking at Turn Eight, and the greens of the AMR22 stand out very nicely here."

Driver debrief by Aramco

Sao Paulo GP

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