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Spirit of the samurai

From Fernando to the team. As we continue our journey, we're celebrating the indomitable spirit of the samurai at the Japanese Grand Prix.



Japan's ancient, feudal samurai warriors epitomised honour, discipline, and martial prowess as they served as protectors. They upheld values of loyalty, integrity and courage, and left an enduring legacy that has shaped and transcended Japanese culture. 

Dogged. Determined. Defiant. Fernando Alonso has a profound affinity with these ancient warriors, identifying with many samurai beliefs: most notably to a life of focus, dedication and fearlessness. 

Inspired by Fernando, Aston Martin F1 Team has embraced the indomitable spirit of the samurai, displaying courage, discipline and boundless energy on our journey to becoming World Championship contenders. 

Throughout the week of the Japanese Grand Prix we are celebrating the 'Spirit of the Samurai' – shining a light on the willpower, determination and resolve of our people, our partners and our fans as we continue to build on our journey. 

We are fearless in the face of the highest climb and we are fuelled by the support of our fans: from passionate supporters at Suzuka Circuit to dedicated fans around the world, whose loyalty and energy drive us forward.  

As we head to Japan, we want to you join us in our celebration of the 'Spirit of the Samurai'.

Together, there is no obstacle we cannot overcome. Together, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

Spirit of the samurai


From Fernando to the team.

This Japanese Grand Prix, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of the samurai.

Japanese GP

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