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The first chapter: 2021

Aston Martin's first-ever Formula One World Championship podium. Lance and Sebastian going head-to-head off track. A reunion with the fans at our Silverstone HQ. Our return to the F1 grid in 2021 has been unforgettable from start to finish.

Sebastian celebrates Baku podium

Ahead of the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, we're celebrating the best moments of the year: from launching the AMR21 at Gaydon back in February to celebrating creativity in São Paulo in November and everything in between, this is the story of our comeback campaign.


Our 2021 season

A journey just beginning. 2021 marked Aston Martin's return to the Formula One grid, and you've been with us all the way.

The bright moments of 2021
The bright moments of 2021

We couldn't have done it without you. But this is only the beginning of the journey. There is still so much to achieve: as a team, as a championship and as a society. Together, we can make great things happen. Here's to the next chapter…

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