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Trading with Trust: Trust the car

To maximise performance on the track, trust is essential. Together with our Official Trading Partner AvaTrade, we explore the role of trust in Formula One.


"When you are driving an F1 car at those speeds – you can only do it if you trust it."

High speed. High stakes. High reward. Travelling at more than 300km/h, an F1 driver must trust in themselves, the team, the data and, crucially, the car.

Maximising performance on track requires driver and machine to be in perfect harmony – confidence in the car is key.

Much like trading, the risks can be high, but the rewards even greater, and our Official Trading Partner AvaTrade puts trust at the forefront of its powerful trading platforms.

In the first episode of our new Trading with Trust series, together with AvaTrade, Lance, Fernando and the team discuss the importance of trusting in the car.


Episode 1: The car

When racing at over 300km/h, trust is vital. With high stakes and even higher speeds, an F1 driver must have ultimate confidence in their car. Together with AvaTrade, we explore the importance of trust both on the trading floor and the track.

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