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A strong start under the lights in Singapore

Lance showed top-10 pace on the opening day of running in Sinagpore, as the team clocked up its first laps around the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Singapore GP

Lance finished the first Free Practice session of the weekend in eighth position, before following it up in FP2 with another top-10 finish.

Sebastian meanwhile completed plenty of laps around Marina Bay, picking up lots of useful data for the rest of the weekend.


Lance started his day of running in FP1 with an eight-lap run on the Hard tyre, putting in a best time of 1.46.754.

After a short amount of time in the pits, he emerged onto the circuit with a new set of Medium tyres.

He had put in a time of 1.45.221 but on his fourth lap on that set he brushed the wall on the exit of Turn Five.

Race Preview by Cognizant

Singapore GP

Formula One's original night race – the Singapore Grand Prix – returns to the calendar after a two-year absence. Held on the ultra-challenging Marina Bay Street Circuit, this event has become a modern-day classic. The heat, the humidity and the high speeds all test the drivers to their mental and physical limits...

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Singapore GP

This damaged the left-rear corner of the car, and Lance had to stop on track and end his session after 12 laps.

The team opted to change the gearbox as a precautionary measure, and this delayed Lance getting onto the circuit at the start of FP2 by five minutes.

Once he got going, he completed five laps on new Medium tyres, and put in a best time of 1.45.144 on them.

He then switched to the Soft tyre, putting in a best time of 1.44.144 straight away, and then to a 1.43.982, his best of the day, during his six laps on the tyres.

He then returned to the circuit on his Medium tyres from the start of the session and added 10 laps on them for a total of 15 on them.

In total, he finished 21 laps and ended up 10th in the classification.


"Driving in Singapore is always good fun, but it is also really demanding in very hot conditions.

"I brushed the wall in FP1 today, but fortunately we didn’t damage the car too much.

"We did some important homework, especially in the second session, and I think this is going to be a race of opportunity.

"We will go through the data tonight and see where we can make some progress before qualifying tomorrow."


Sebastian took to the circuit at the start of FP1 on the Hard tyre. During his eight-lap stint, he put in a best time of 1.47.663.

As the session approached the halfway point, Sebastian returned to the circuit on the Medium tyre.

He put in a best time of 1.45.354 in the six completed laps before the red flag was shown.

When the session resumed, Sebastian remained on the same set of tyres and added a further eight laps for 14 in total on the Medium tyres and 22 overall in 11th position.


Sebastian started FP2 on the Medium tyre, and completed eight laps on them with a best time of 1.45.767.

With half of the session remaining, he took to the track on Soft tyres for a performance run, and completed six laps on them with a best time of 1.44.249.

This proved to be Sebastian’s best time of the day. After a short time in the garage, he returned to the track on the same Soft tyres and added 10 laps to the set for 16 in total.

At the end of the session, Sebastian had completed 24 laps with his best time putting him 12th overall.

"It is nice to be back here driving on a circuit that I really enjoy.

"You have to take some time to get into the rhythm, but it will be Saturday and Sunday that are the days that count.

"I struggled a little bit to put everything together today, but if I can put it all together tomorrow then we should be in the mix for a good result this weekend."

Race Preview by Cognizant

Singapore Grand Prix

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