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Sebastian and Lance complete productive Bahrain test

The Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team completed its highest amount of mileage in the 2021 Bahrain pre-season test on the final day.

Sebastian Vettel day three Bahrain pre-season test

In a reverse of Friday and Saturday, Lance began the day in the AMR21 before handing over to Sebastian for the final four hours of running. Between them, the team completed over 100 laps.


Lance was able to conduct significant running in the morning, taking advantage of much improved conditions compared to the first two days.

His total of 80 laps in the morning was only one less than the total laps completed across the entire eight hours of running yesterday, boosted by a session that ran without interruption by red flags until the final five minutes.

Lance began the day with a run on Softs, before switching to the Medium and Hard compound tyre for the majority of his running.

The focus was on longer race simulations, with 14-15 lap stints on Soft, Medium and Hard.

Lance would set his best lap time on the Medium tyre, lapping in 1.36.100, before continuing with his longer runs.

“I’m very happy with today’s work. We ran to our programme and collected lots of useful data by doing race simulations and long runs.

“We completed our job list for the day, which is a really good way to end the test after we lost out on a bit of running yesterday.

“We’ve got plenty of data to go over now to improve our understanding of the car, so that’s a nice position to be in – especially considering there were only three days of testing this year.

“I’m looking forward to starting the season here in Bahrain. We can go away now and make more improvements before we come back for the race.”

Best lapM:S:MS


Sebastian took over from Lance for the afternoon session and benefitted from a cleaner track and more ideal conditions.

Like his team-mate, Sebastian’s focus was largely on longer runs, completing laps on the Medium and Hard tyres.

After an hour of the four-hour session, Sebastian took the team’s total laps for the day past the 100-lap mark.

He would continue to build on his experience in the AMR21, reaching 56 laps by the midway point.

Sadly, a loss of boost pressure ended Sebastian’s running with just over an hour’s running left on the clock.

While it wasn’t the end to the test the team wanted, Sebastian’s earlier running had completed a productive day for the team.

“We got plenty of laps on the board today, despite an early finish [caused by a loss of boost pressure]. Lance did a good amount of laps this morning too, so there’s a lot of data for us to work with.

“My running today was very useful and the track conditions were better, so that was a big help in understanding this car.

“This test has definitely helped me learn where I can improve as a driver with the car and where the team can improve the AMR21 too.

“It’s been a good learning curve and I’m excited to keep progressing with the car. I’m looking forward to racing here in Bahrain in two weeks.”

Best lapM:S:MS
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