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11 TikToks you will sacrifice sleep for from the Spanish GP

AMF1 Team fans brought their A-game in Spain and our collection of TikToks go some way to proving that.

Aston Martin F1

Last weekend it was all fiesta, no siesta at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

The team was given a hero's welcome by fans in the city and at the track, and there was plenty of creative support for Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One® Team as fans took to TikTok to co-create the story of our weekend and share their unique fandom.

Here are our favourite TikToks from the weekend in Barcelona, where our fans enjoyed unforgettable experiences at the end of this European leg of the season.

1 | Unconditional glove

AMF1 Team Number Two Mechanic Matt Watson has been getting plenty of love on social media, and it seems he's also been receiving some special and... unique gifts at the track.

Not quite the right shade of green, but these rubber gloves do look very fetching. It's worth a repeat viewing of @angel_gaitan_oficial's TikTok just to see Matt's expression change throughout this one.

2 | Zanahorio

More Matt love here. The carrot emoji pertains to his luscious locks – we've learned that his nickname is zanahorio, or carrot in Spain – and he's totally embraced it as per this TikTok by @niconrdf1.

This is how you get a crowd going.

3 | A glance from Lance

So, it turned out that the fans were absolutely relishing the pre-race pit walk. They gave our team a rapturous reception.

Lance got some serious love too. His smile says it all – as captured by @jonatan.gs.

4 | Recharging

Lance needed a quick recharge before presenting his answer to a question on Thursday.

We get it, Lance. Sometimes those Thursday press conferences really drag on.

5 | Fernandos... Fernandos everywhere

The team at the AMF1 Team x KIMOA pop-up in Barcelona – where I / AM fans also enjoyed an unforgettable experience – were fully committed.

They went full Fernando.

Everyone was getting into the spirit in Barcelona, not just those with green caps in the grandstands, and we're grateful for the huge support.

6 | Practice makes perfect

Roldán Rodríguez (@roldanrodriguezigl) captured some beautiful content at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, and he took the time to visit the AMF1 Team pit box.

Is there anything more beautiful than a perfectly choreographed pitstop?

7 | Fernando fever

Fernando fever can cause unbridled joy, intense excitement, and lifetime happiness.

In all seriousness, our fans brought smiles to the whole team all weekend. From the city to the circuit, the atmosphere was electric.

Just check Fernando's TikTok for empirical proof.

8 | TikBlock

This is some seriously impressive work. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya recreated in LEGO form.

The detail is stunning, with the iconic timing tower and the new layout all built to perfection.

All it's missing is a mini Lance and Fernando, right, @themovingbricks_yt?

9 | Turning heads

There's just something about that iconic Aston Martin green, especially when it's on an AMF1 car.

@Carlosaguadoruiz captured AMF1 show car down at Port Vell, Barcelona, and it looked resplendent.

You can personalise the AMR23 and explore the car here.

10 | What are the chances?

@Albertfabrega is one of the most eagle-eyed tech experts and journalists in the paddock, but he wasn't just checking out the various aerodynamic upgrades in Spain.

No, he was checking out the garage numbers...

11 | This support is everything

We had to end with a TikTok showing just how epic our fans were in Spain.

We're pushing hard, and you – our fans – are driving us on.

Let's keep this going in Canada, where Lance comes home.

Follow @AstonMartinF1 and co-create our story by sharing your videos on TikTok throughout the season as we continue our journey.


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