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7 TikToks you will sacrifice sleep for from the Austrian GP

Fernando fiddling with filters, team-mate hugs, and Austrian Grand Prix history lessons, here are seven must-see TikToks from our race weekend at the Red Bull Ring.

Aston Martin F1

Auf Wiedersehen, Austria. Points on a Saturday and points on a Sunday.

It wasn't our home race – that's this weekend – but we could still feel your passionate support throughout the week as Lance and Fernando executed a solid weekend, and many of you took to TikTok to show your support and join in the conversation.

Here are some of our favourite TikToks from our week in Spielberg...

1 | That race week feeling

Fernando is truly embracing his TikTok era.

We can't quite explain this video, but it looks like Fernando has been messing around with some filters and effects...

2 | Strollonso

Here's a great montage from Lina (@parxferme) showing Lance and Fernando's blossoming off-track friendship.

Sure, they race hard and fair on the track (see: Austrian Sprint) but they don't mind sharing a hug off the track. 

3 | "It basically changed my life"

Here's a brilliant story from Jamna Wanza (@jamnawanza) as she reflects on being invited to a diversity and inclusion roundtable event that we hosted last year.

We continue to strive to Make A Mark both on and off the race track and have a positive impact in the communities where we race, and it looks like Jamna is still making waves with her content.

4 | DBX707

The Formula One Medical Car is an SUV like no other: the Aston Martin DBX707.

It reaches 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 193mph. Also, it packs 707 horsepower (who could have guessed?).

This video from Aston Martin (@astonmartin) shows the DBX707 off in style.

5 | The history of the Austrian Grand Prix

The Austrian Grand Prix, like many events in Formula One, has a winding and very interesting history.

@Formulabone tells the story of how the shortest track on the Formula One calendar gave way to one of its most dangerous, before turning into the circuit we now know as the Red Bull Ring, in a concise and captivating TikTok.

6 | Things we love to see

Fernando x AMF1 Team is one of the feel-good stories of this season, and this TikTok is proof.

We've scored points in every round of 2023 and Fernando has stood on the podium six times so far this this season.

F1 admin put out this heart-pumping video just to remind us of that.

7 | Eye on the sky – and Silverstone

With Spielberg now in the rear-view mirror, we're turning our attention to our home race this weekend and we're busy gearing up for the British Grand Prix.

We've got some incredible events and experiences lined up and, as usual, we'll be looking for our fans to co-create the story with us.

Use #IAM to join in and send us your videos of support, and we'll feature some of favourites on the @AstonMartinF1 social channels.

But don't forget to watch out for the weather...

Follow @AstonMartinF1 and co-create our story by sharing your videos on TikTok throughout the season as we prepare for our home race.

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