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Cognizant Driver Masterclass

Fernando Alonso, Jessica Hawkins and Pedro de la Rosa dissect every element of a racing driver's craft and reveal why success behind the wheel relies on intuition.

Aston Martin F1

Skill. Speed. Experience. Fernando Alonso, Jessica Hawkins and Pedro de la Rosa have driven countless miles, honing their craft over many years.

Decades of experience fuel their intuition and, together with our Title Partner, Cognizant, we're tapping into the expertise of these three members of the AMF1 driver squad to provide an unparalleled insight into the art of racing and just what it takes to succeed behind the wheel.

Our new Cognizant Driver Masterclass series explores every element of a race driver's craft; from taming a 200mph racer in the driving rain to nailing the perfect qualifying lap when the stakes are high and all eyes are on you, the margins between success and failure are fine.

Intuition takes over.

Episode 10 | New circuits

Las Vegas is the newest circuit on the calendar, and our drivers are ready to face the unknown.

This is where instinct and experience comes into play.

This is how drivers prepare to hit the ground running and set the pace when there's no precedent.


New circuits

"Within two or three laps, you are already on the limit, because you have been testing at that same track for a long time in the simulator."

Here's how our drivers face new circuits.

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Episode 1 | The Start

You can't win a race at the start, but you can lose it. From the moment the lights go out, your race can be defined in a matter of metres. There's little time to think as you drop the clutch, deftly feed in the throttle to keep your wheels from spinning, race through the gears and precisely position your car in the wheel-to-wheel sprint to Turn One. Fernando, Jess and Pedro reveal how to master a race start and why it relies on intuition.


The Start

Success behind the wheel of an F1 car is all about intuition.

At a race start, there is seldom time to think. Fernando Alonso, Jessica Hawkins and Pedro de la Rosa reveal why drivers need to react fast and rely on experience to allow intuition to take over.

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Saudi Arabian GP

Episode 2 | The First Lap

No two first laps of a Grand Prix are the same. With tyres and brakes not at their optimum temperature, and rivals swarming all around, you need to be decisive. Seizing opportunities and adapting to challenges without hesitation is vital – and often what sets great drivers apart from the merely good ones. Together with Cognizant, Fernando, Jess and Pedro reveal the secrets behind the perfect opening lap.


The First Lap

"Intuition is making sure that you take every opportunity that is available."

Full of adrenaline and often eventful, a first lap is all about tapping in to the intuition drivers have built through experience.

Cognizant can engineer that same intuition into your business.

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Episode 3 | Qualifying

Leave nothing on the table. Hit every apex and maximise the racing line, and you’ll book a spot on the upper echelons of the grid. Push too hard, make a mistake, or hesitate, and race day will become that much harder. Qualifying can make or break your weekend. Cognizant, Fernando, Jess and Pedro tell us what it takes to set the track alight on Saturday.  



Cognizant know what it takes to maximise your opportunities.

Qualifying requires bravery and a sharp eye for detail.

Jessica, Pedro and Fernando are no strangers to this.

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Episode 4 | Tyres

Take care of the tyres, and they'll take care of you. Transferring the sensations of the track to the driver, tyres are one of the most important parts of the package. It's crucial to get the most out of them, in order to get the most out of the race. Fernando, Pedro and Jess tell us how they take care of the tyres – and how it feels when the tyres start to go...



Tyre management has become an art in itself.

Squeeze the most out of them, and they'll reward you.

Together with Cognizant, we look at this critical skill.

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Episode 5 | Attacking

"If you're not on the attack, you're being attacked."

In this episode of Cognizant Driver Masterclass, we enlist the expertise of our driver squad to tell us how they withstand the pressure, attack and clinch positions in a Grand Prix or Sprint.



Cognizant engineer intuition to help companies seize their moments.

In a race, drivers use their own intuition to do the very same thing.

Watch to see how Fernando, Lance, Jessica and Pedro pick their moment to attack on the track.

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Episode 6 | Defending

Staying ahead of the pack is just as important as getting ahead of the pack. Sometimes, it's even more difficult.

Our driver squad reveals all about the art of defence, and how to maintain your advantage on track.



Know your opponent and choose your battles wisely.

Defending is just as essential as attacking. This is how you stay ahead of the pack.

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Episode 7 | Driving in the wet

Instinct and intuition are key to this skill that the best racing drivers harness: wet-weather driving.

When the clouds unleash, the drivers can make all the difference. Fernando, Pedro and Jessica talk about how adverse conditions change the demands on the driver.


Driving in the wet

"In the wet, you can really, really see the difference between the good, and the very good drivers."

This is how you drive in the most challenging conditions.

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Episode 8 | Street circuits

"Once you make a mistake, you are in the wall."

Street races are a unique and spectacular sight, where drivers tread a fine line to eke out every millisecond of advantage.

A small error can make the difference between a close shave and a crash.


Street circuits

A challenge that every driver relishes, with no room for error.

Here's how drivers channel their instincts to take on the streets.

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Episode 9 | On the limit

"All race drivers have to take risks."

Drivers exploit every millimetre of the track to maximise their advantage because every millisecond counts.

Pushing to the limit is an art. Here's how Fernando, Jessica and Pedro leave nothing on the table.


On the limit

Finding the limit is an integral part of racing, and staying there is an art. That’s where using experience, data and intuition to find the right level of risk comes into play.

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