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Track 2 Track with Pedro de la Rosa and Trevor Immelman

Aston Martin F1

Watch a veteran Formula One driver and a Masters golf champion find common ground through intuition in Cognizant's new series.

Formula One and golf may seem like two sports at opposite ends of the spectrum but dig a little deeper and you’ll see the similarities: the ability to handle pressure; the art of making fast, confident decisions; the need for great intuition that can only be developed through years of practice.

In our Title Partner Cognizant’s new series with Golf Digest, AMF1 Team Ambassador and F1 veteran Pedro de la Rosa takes to the golf course with 2008 Masters Champion Trevor Immelman to compare their crafts…

Aston Martin F1
The moment you close your visor it's the best moment of being a racing driver because you know you are alone. It feels like you are unbeatable.
Pedro de la Rosa

Pedro reflects on how years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice led to a pivotal test to secure a seat in an F1 car. The Spaniard’s "one shot" came down to little more than a 1m30s lap behind the wheel when he absolutely had to deliver – the moment his entire career had been building up to.

Together with Trevor, the two experienced professionals discuss the similarities between F1 and golf, how to deal with pressure – tuning out noise and focusing on the task at hand – and why intuition takes over when it comes to taking that one pivotal shot.

In the second chapter of the illuminating three-part series, Pedro and Trevor explain how intuition comes to the fore when the lights go out or at the first tee: every step, every procedure becoming second nature due to countless hours of practice and rehearsal. The pair explore how repetition and muscle memory enable intuition and how, ultimately, a wealth of experience allows you to push the limit.

Pedro provides a fascinating insight into how the track walk is an essential part of a driver's weekend, explaining how touch and feel helps drivers figure out the lay of the land. Trevor finds common ground; for a solid shot, it's vital to find out how the club interacts with the turf. The conversation soon turns to data and analysis: F1 drivers and professional golfers use technology to get to the limit, combining analysis with intuition and experience to maximise their results.

Aston Martin F1
Team-mates have to trust each other – you have to know that the guy next to you is going to be there when times are tough.
Trevor Immelman

In the final part of the series, the pair discuss why it's essential that team-mates trust each other and why team spirit is so important. Bringing people together, forging bonds, and fostering trust and cohesion is a vital part of success on the track, on the course, or in any walk of life – trust breeds confidence which fuels intuition.

Attention turns to the short game in golf. Putting can win or lose a match, and Pedro points out that there is an equivalent to the long game and the short game in F1, explaining how there’s more time to be gained in the slow corners as opposed to fast corners – this is where it really counts to be fast.

Watch Pedro and Trevor tee off, and share their experiences – and a few laughs – as Cognizant presents Track 2 Track.

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