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Future Makers: Dorthe Krogh Jensen, EPOS

Future Makers are the driving forces that take us forward: using technology, determination, collaboration and passion to make things happen. From cybersecurity to social media, we'll hear from the people and partners using winning formulas to affect positive change.

Dorthe Krogh Jensen, EPOS

In the fifth part of our Future Makers series, Dorthe Krogh Jensen, VP, Global Marketing, at EPOS explains how to cut through the noise to unleash our full potential and performance.

We hear things all of the time – but how often are we really listening?

So much of our modern world is noise. Our daily lives are a manic mix: highs and lows of productivity and hyper-activity. And even though the technology we use every day has been designed to make things easier, tuning out and tuning in gets harder and harder.

At EPOS, we acknowledge that. 

We know that background noise continues to be a major threat – not only to our productivity, but also to our wellbeing. What many people may not realise is that sound affects us psychologically, cognitively, and behaviourally – even though we're not aware of it. 

In simple terms, speech perception in adverse listening situations can be exhausting and can easily result in brain fatigue. So is it any surprise that a day of busy team calls leaves us feeling exhausted?

We strive to unleash people's full potential by perfecting their audio experience.
Dorthe Krogh Jensen
VP, Global Marketing at EPOS

COVID-19 has further changed the that way we live and work. Around the world, businesses have enacted work-from-home policies in response to government-mandated lockdown measures.

As a result, our reliance on technology to maintain business continuity has grown. And, as technology has proliferated and working habits evolved, the volume of telephone calls, conference calls, and teleconferences has dramatically increased.

What we strive to do is unleash people's full potential by perfecting the audio experience, adopting a science-based approach to understanding how the brain makes sense of sound.

Our users are at the heart of everything that we do. We put this dedication to work by optimising the end-to-end user experience, from product development to education and support. Ultimately, we are passionate about ensuring the best audio and customer experience.

Technology is an enabler – and the quality and reliability of our tech greatly impacts performance and communication in general. That's why we carry out extensive research in our lab to create new audio solutions.

And that fits perfectly with Formula One, and our involvement with Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team.

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Grand Prix racing is about so much more than speed – it's about unleashing human potential through technology, innovation, and state-of-the art engineering – pillars that are at the very heart of what we do at EPOS.

More than in any other sport, Formula One demonstrates the importance of sound excellence, and that seamless communication holds the power to enhance both team performance and individual achievement. 

We're proud to work alongside each other – each chasing the future.

Thanks to Dorthe for making her mark: #IAMSTORIES.

Dorthe Krogh Jensen is VP, Global Marketing at EPOS, and part of the company’s senior management team.

She has more than 18 years of experience as a commercial marketer, working with both marketing agencies and internationally listed companies.

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