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#IAMCREATIVITY | John Feinberg

Meet John Feinberg, an Austin local with an eye for capturing and sharing the spirit of the local area through his photography and an inside-out knowledge of the Circuit of the Americas.

John Feinberg

A music and automotive photographer, John moved to Austin in 2017 for a new job, having previously covered automotive industry events in New York.

After settling into his new surroundings in Texas, John began to cover races at the Circuit of the Americas during weekends.

John's motorsport connection began when he realised how close he was to the circuit, attending smaller events to meet drivers and organisers and capitalising on a lack of official photographers present to capture moments around the track and in the paddock.

He soon began to cover these smaller events on a regular basis, providing photographs to drivers and organisers and familiarising himself with the track itself.

After his first year in Austin and having taken steps into the world of automotive journalism through a self-run blog, John began to use his knowledge of the circuit and skills with the camera to cover larger events such as MotoGP and eventually Formula One.

I've felt as though I'm connected with these people, by documenting these moments for their futures.
John Feinberg

"A lot of the photographers coming to the track have been to many more circuits than I have, which I thought put me at a disadvantage," John says.

"But they haven't walked around this track throughout each year as I have, which helped me find unique angles for better story-telling photos."

John is fascinated by the perspective behind the camera. Photography has not only been a creative outlet for him, but also a means to connect with people.

"It's how I've met so many talented, kind and interesting people throughout my life," John says. "I've felt as though I'm connected with these people and part of the events, parties and memories themselves, helping create and document these moments for their futures."

During the 2021 United States Grand Prix weekend, we teamed up with John to showcase his creative talents as he joined our passionate fanbase in the grandstands at the Circuit of the Americas.

From the moment fans arrived in Austin through to a post-race litter picking event, organised by the team as we endeavour to leave a positive mark at every destination we travel to, John captured it all.

These are some of his favourite images from the weekend.

Thank you to every single one of you who joined us in Austin and around the world for the United States Grand Prix weekend. We loved sharing our journey with you.

Our thanks also to John Feinberg for bringing his thing, sharing his talent, and telling one of the most important stories of the weekend: the story of the fans. #IAMCREATIVITY.


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