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Jessica Hawkins joins AMF1 and Cognizant 'Women in Motorsport' discussion

AMF1 x Cognizant

Team members from AMF1 and title partner Cognizant as well as Women in Motorsport Month creator Amelia Taylor, shared their thoughts on the role of women in the motorsport and technology sectors in an illuminating panel discussion at AMF1 HQ.

This November, we celebrated Women in Motorsport Month by bringing together a group of female AMF1 and Cognizant team members at the AMF1 HQ in Silverstone for a thought-provoking panel discussion exploring the word 'ambition' and what it means for women working in motorsport and technology today. 

Creator of Women in Motorsport Month, Amelia Taylor, discussed her motivations behind the campaign and how she brought it to life after falling in love with Formula One in 2020.

"I'd never seen the level of misogyny and sexism that I saw on social media about F1," said Amelia. "I realised there was still this culture of sexism through social media about F1.

"2020 was a year of huge social change and I think there was growing cultural desire to change a lot of the attitudes we were seeing.

"So, I created Women in Motorsport Month, as an event where we could focus our efforts and push for change, both in celebrating how far we've come and recognising how much we've got to go in the future.

"If we can encourage more young women to enter motorsport, then we have a more representative sport that meets our ambitions.”


AMF1 and Cognizant host 'Women in Motoring' discussion

Celebrating #WomenInMotorsportMonth with some game-changing talent. Last week at Aston Martin Formula 1 Team HQ, we hosted a panel discussion with Cognizant, featuring Jessica Hawkins, to highlight the successes of leading female talent across motorsport and technology.

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AMF1 x Cognizant

Panellists included Clare Lansley, AMF1 Chief Information Officer; Linda Murphy, Senior Director Global Brand Strategy at Cognizant; Sioned Edwards, AMF1 IT Business Partner; and Jessica Hawkins, AMF1 Driver Ambassador.

Jessica commented on how being ambitious and setting goals can be difficult at times.

"Sometimes, I set myself a goal, or something that I want to race in or something I want to do in my life, and I work really hard to get there. But when you get there, sometimes you think, 'Actually, this isn't what I thought it was going to be.'

"So, then you set yourself another goal, and you go and do that and achieve that. But, again, you're always looking for something bigger and better.

"It's really the experiences that you should appreciate and go after, as that period of working towards achieving something is so special – because once you get there, sometimes it's a little boring and you ask, 'What's next?'"

Watch the illuminating panel discussion above and join in the discussion on social media using #WomenInMotorsportMonth.


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