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Sebastian inspires the next generation in sustainability Q&A

Sebastian Vettel visited a local primary school ahead of the British Grand Prix for a wide-ranging Q&A about the importance of the environment and how we can live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sebastian Vettel

The four-time World Champion has used his platform throughout his career to raise awareness about environmental and broader societal issues.

Recent initiatives have included hosting a competition for school children to design a Formula One-inspired bee hotel, helping the winners build their design ahead of the Austrian double-header.

This time around, Sebastian was joined by Lee McKenzie for a Q&A with some budding reporters, revealing the changes he has implemented personally to make his way of living more sustainable.

Sebastian also gifted reusable BWT water bottles to his young but incredibly wise audience as a memento of the day.

Fighting for Change

Inspiring the Next Generation

In tandem with our Global Partner BWT and Formula One broadcaster Channel 4, watch Sebastian discuss his carbon footprint, the ways Formula One can improve its sustainability, and answer whether he is friends with old rival Mark Webber...

Fighting for Change | Inspiring the Next Generation
Fighting for Change | Inspiring the Next Generation

After finishing the Q&A, Sebastian sat down with Lee to discuss how Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ Team and our partners are helping support his environmental ambitions.

"BWT is a great example [of sustainability]," said Sebastian. "They have a solution in place to [help ensure] access for everyone to get drinking water. In the process, [they are also] getting rid of single-use plastics.

"That itself is a great idea and it’s a technology that should be spread further.

"I adopted my helmet this year to the BWT colour scheme. If it helps spread the message, and if it leads to less single-use plastic, it can only help.

"I believe every bit makes a difference. Every [single-use] bottle we say no to makes a change."

Silverstone litter-picking

Sebastian raises awareness

Sebastian's competition

Building a bee hotel